Training for Military Fitness: Are You Ready for 8 Weeks of Hell?

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Eight Weeks. Is that enough time to get your butt into shape?

That’s what a lot of people wonder after the nerves settle, the farewell and good luck parties are just a memory, and the trash talk has passed. They wake up and suddenly realize they are two days into their first week of military fitness training and the cold harsh reality is that it’s only just begun…and secretly they wonder what the hell they’ve gotten into.

Yep…it happens to the best of us.

You wonder if it’s all worth it. And, at the end of the day, when the dust has settled, the muscles have been stretched, the body re-​​hydrated and belly filled with more (quality) calories than you thought anyone could eat…you think, yeah, maybe this will work…but first you have to get through eight weeks of Hell.

Military Bootcamp Training: Are 8Weeks Enough?

training for military fitness 2 According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, eight weeks can make a huge difference.

In their study, they measured performance of cardiovascular and neuromuscular responses of 57 Finnish soldiers as they went through eight weeks of bootcamp. This military bootcamp was then followed up with eight weeks of STP (special training period).

What they discovered is that the most of progress was made in the first eight weeks.

So at this point, if you’re getting ready for military bootcamp, you might think that you can wait to start training once you get there. After all, if eight weeks is enough then why not party until then? And, if you are planning to be an average soldier that could just work.

But here is the problem with that.

No matter what end up doing in the military, you are still in the unique position where at any given time the life of someone else could be in your hands.

Would you want just an “average” soldier, one that barely squeaked through training to be the one that’s watching your back? Even worse, would you want to be known as that “average” soldier?

Yeah…I didn’t think so.

So, knowing that eight weeks can make a difference in your military training, why not start before you start?

After all..eight weeks is nothing…and everything!

Why Do You Need Training Before Your Training?

training for military fitness 4The reason this Finnish study was conducted is that there’s a growing trend of obesity and lack of cardiovascular fitness in young men entering the military.

With current lifestyle conveniences like cars, computers, and entertainment of various sorts that involve a monitor, screen and a couch, lots of people just don’t move around as much as they did in the past.

This lack of movement does very little to build a strong cardiovascular system. And, if you’ve read our previous articles you know that a strong heart is the foundation for success in building muscle.

What you do in that eight week bootcamp is build a foundation. When you are physically fit, you’re less prone to musculoskeletal injury. So, when you enter bootcamp with a strong foundation, you will be at an advantage.

You will have a better chance of success when you are ready for the physical and mental challenges of military training.

How to Set Your Foundation for Military Fitness Training

training for military fitness 8Run. That’s going to be the first piece of advice anybody gives you when you’re entering bootcamp. Starting out, you may only be able to do a 10 minute mile…it may take even longer. But keep going.

I’ve seen a guy that started out running at 10 minutes per mile and trained to become a 6 minute per mile runner with a few marathons under his belt. It took time. It took dedication. And it took consistency. But it happened.

Build Muscle. You don’t need to be a power lifter. However, strength training will help improve your overall ability to stay fit and perform your duties. Most guys have no problem building chest, arms, shoulder and back. Yet, they often forget about their legs, their lower back and their core.

Remember, your body is a sum of all its parts so they need to be equally strong to carry the weight needed in military training.

Stretch. Flexibility is a key area because it also reduces risk of injury. It’s amazing how many people skip this. It’s at the end of the workout, you’re tired and hungry, and it’s easy to think it’s not important.  It is…so do it.

Supplement. While a lot of people will say you can get everything you need from food, the fact is that most people don’t. They either cannot consume as many calories and nutrients as possible to fuel their activities, or the food they eat is nutritionally empty. If you want to see results and keep those results, you’re going to want the best dietary supplements and best whole foods that you can afford.

Do you know your Muscle Building ABCs?

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Resource for Military Training:

 Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Performance Responses Induced by eight Weeks of Basic Training Followed by eight Weeks of Specialized Military Training: Matti Santitila, Keijo Hakkinen, Bradley C. Nindl, and Heikki Kyrolainen: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Volume 26 /​ Number 3 /​ March 2012


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