Wake Up Your Muscles to Sleep Better at Night

Wake Up Your Muscles to Sleep Better At Night

Anyone who has ever had a hard workout, and then wanted to nap a few hours later, won’t be surprised by a new survey by the National Sleep Foundation (http://​www​.sleepfoundation​.org/​2​0​1​3​p​oll)

It found that about 80% of participants who worked out hard at any time during the day had a good night sleep almost every night. However, 50% of those who did not work out reported waking up during the night.

What a great reason to add to your list of why you should do that fitness DVD (try my 30-​​minute, intense routines at www​.nikkifitness​.com) , hit the gym or go for a run today. It may help you avoid lying awake at 4am, staring at the ceiling and counting the hours left before the alarm goes off or kids wake up. If you can’t get in a sweat session, the study’s researchers also recommend sitting less and walk! ing for 10–20 minutes during the day.

If you want to ensure a good night’s sleep, on top of your exercise routine, check out the segment I did on Fox & Friends First about yoga poses that will help you count sheep instead of restless hours. These will detox your body, stretch tight muscles, and calm your breathing.

Watch video on FoxNews​.com.

Fitness – fit it in for a good day and night.



  1. Bman says:

    OMG Nikki you are a Goddess in every way.

    I am not too hip on yoga but I will try anything that helps me sleep better.

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