Home Invasion Survival: The Home Invader Mind-​​Set

Let’s face it…we aren’t nearly as trusting in society as we once were, are we?

Behaviors that were once commonplace, indicating a much greater level of comfort with what we thought was a safe and civilized society, have changed to reflect more fear, more prudent caution, and even more paranoia.

We keep a much closer eye on our kids, for fear that some pervert will snatch them.

We’re nervous in parking garages.

We lock our doors at night.

We’re suspicious of the knock at the door.

And with good reason…

The average citizen is easy pickings for the predatory class of criminals categorized as “home invaders”.

The Home Invasion Threat

Unlike your traditional “burglar” who breaks into your home while you’re gone to grab a few valuables and some cash, home invaders are much more sadistic and dangerous.

Their goal is to prey on unsuspecting families by storming into your home to take you captive. Power is a drug for them and there are many means by which they get their fix, including beatings, rape, even torture.

Home invasions can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days if the home invaders are confident that they’ve not been detected.

So how do you keep you and your loved ones from becoming victims?

There are many home defense tactics you should master in order to survive a home invasion.

But one of the most important can be found in the words of the ancient Chinese General, Sun Tzu…

…“Know your enemy and you will be victorious in a thousand battles.”

In other words, you must understand how a home invader thinks – what drives his bloodlust and how he attacks.

By getting inside his head, you’ll better be able to make yourself less of a target, and also know how to defend against them when they come storming through your front door in a blinding flash of violence.

Here are some common attributes of the home invader mind-​​set…

Inside The Mind Of A Home Invader

  • Home invaders know that there’s safety in numbers. Therefore, they often work with one or more other partners and may be operating as part of a gang to overwhelm you and take control.
  • If they know your routine, they know when you’ll be most vulnerable. You will most likely be watched beforehand and your habits/​schedules known.
  • Home invaders rely on surprise to overwhelm their victims. Beware the kind face at the front door who tells you that he just hit a dog in the road and wants to know who the owner is. They have a million different ploys they can use to trick you into opening your door. Some home invaders even dress up as police or utility workers to gain your confidence.
  • Home invaders take no chances. Expect them to be armed.
  • They know you’re going to look for a chance to attack or escape. That’s why you’ll likely be tied up or handcuffed. Once you are, you’re practically helpless to protect your loved ones from their actions.

The home invaders’ goal is take total control to carry out whatever sadistic plan they may have in store for you and your loved ones. This control starts the moment they break down your door. Understanding this threat is just part of the overall lifestyle of tactically minded defensive living that more and more citizens are adopting. You want to protect yourself and your family in the case of a home invasion.

Begin with fortifying your own survival mind-​​set… understand your attacker’s… and seek out training in home defense tactics you can use in the event of a violent home invasion.

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  1. Indian Medicine says:

    As a Former & Retired Peace Officer; I agree — The Home Invasion is a volatile and hostile encounter with an individual who has no respect for humanity or consequences of their conduct.….….….….….….….….…..

    Even Trained Combative’s, unless you stay “tuned up” by regular “Work Out’s” will not be enough for the “Home Invasion” .….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….

    If this person cared about anything, they wouldn’t be invading your Home in the first place.….….….….….….…..

    You can have a “combination” of defenses, from “Inexpensive Electronic Camera’s & Audible Alarms” that can be automatically and manually activated” by triggering of the Perpetrator or yourself.….….….….….…

    Look to buy a modified system from a reputable Seller.


    Get a Semi-​​Auto 12g Shotgun, if you have difficulty with shooting a person, there are Over The Counter Shot Gun Rounds from Bird Shot to Riot Control Rounds you can buy.….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….

    Remember, even Trained Cops have to Train with their Weapons to use them properly — so set yourself up to train at a local Gun Range once a month.….….….….….….….

    By the time you call 911, The Cops — the event has already happened.….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….…..

    Have a Can of Foam “Wasp Spray” handy at your Front & Back Doors — They will have to go to The ER to get the Foam off their Face if they can see where they are going.….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….……

    Be Careful, Stay Safe for yourself & Family.….….….….….…..


    • Old_Soldier says:

      oh please, “wasp spray”. .45 caliber lead is much more effective.

      and btw, in Florida the doors open outwards on new construction — you CAN’T kick these does in, even if you are 300 so​.id lbs.

  2. Jeff Anderson says:

    Not sure if this was added in sarcasm, but do NOT fire a “warning shot” in the air. There are legal ramifications with this that can land YOU in jail right along with the home invader. Great advice to retreat to a secure area (safe room) in your home and call 911. Best to be armed and wait for help in a secure room than to go about “clearing” your home. Stay put until responders arrive and let the home invaders take what they want. If they try getting through your safe room door… it’s NOT your tv they’re looking for! You have a right to defend yourself.

  3. Michael says:

    At over 70 I’m fortunate that I’ve never been mugged, robbed or beat up. My grandfather was a reserve deputy sheriff in Imperial Valley in the 1920s just a few miles n. of the Mexican border. He taught me basic weapon handling and how to deal with thugs, armed or unarmed. I still have his Colt .45 1917 issue revolver and I will fire it if my home is ever invaded. A shotgun is handy too, which I have. Invaders have to be desperate for drug cash who would steal the crack off their grandma’s behind before they step over her. I know the laws here in s. Calif. regarding lethal force…I will kill the s–theads, believe me.

  4. ronald45 says:

    or you could just SHOOT THE BASTARDS when they break your door down. Who the hell cares if “you might go to court” better tried by 12 than carried by 6″ any day of the year.

  5. C.V. Compton Shaw says:

    I heard some glass break. I went down stairs to find the home invader in the hall way.I pointed an AR-​​15 at the home invader. I knew who he was. I told him to leave immediately. He left. I called the police. The police arrested him. It turns out that he had broken into several other homes in the area. I was a Vietnam War combat infantry veteran. We mean business but know how to control ourselves in such situations.

  6. Derrick W says:

    My only issue with all these “solutions” is..generally if a person is at your front door, you don’t have time to get to a weapon. I doubt most of us go grab a gun to answer it. Most doors can be kicked in fairly fast. The home invasion is my version of my worst nightmare. I only hope that I have time to retreat and grab a weapon to protect my family.

  7. James Rice says:

    Just a little more to add, Most folks carry a cell phone, you have to give your address while you are also trying to be quite. The house phone links to 911 with your address. You can dial 911 and not say a thing, her comes help. But alont these lines some more tips. first, your phone line is exposed outside, most intruders know this and will cut the wires. you need to run your lines through conduit pipe from below the ground up through your phone box. Next, you should have a direct connect phone. What I mean is not one of those digital phones you can walk through the house with. If you have one of these portable phones, they run off electricty, if the intruders also shut off the power (breaker box) then you have also lost the portable phone. You must have an old fashon phone that connects to the phone lines directly, they can shut off the house power, if you run your phone line in the pipe, they cannot cut the phone line and the phone lines carry their own power.

  8. James Rice says:

    The first thing to do is to try and prevent the invasion. Hardware stores sells kits that beef up the door jamb. Thet contain 3inch screws that will go through the door jamb into the 2x4 frame. The plate is about 10 inches long. This is the problem with kicking in a door, the door jamb is like a 1x4 and is easy to break. This is actually all that holds your door shut. You may also consider a storm door. This puts two doors between you and whoever is out side. Keep this lock also, so that it would have to be broken first which gives a warning to anyone inside. always, Always keep the garage door closed. The only time it should be open is when you are going in and out. If you do any of the above, you get a head start with a warning if someone tries to break in. This alows you to grab a phone and gun. It is not against the law to protect yourself. If you are leagal to have a gun, use it. The only other consideration when using a gun, you have got to know where the bullet is going. What will happen when the bullet goes through the intruder, the wall, etc? The pistol called the judge is the best home defense weapon out there. It holds a 45 colt or a 410 shot shell. There are many things you can do to prevent a break in, I would tell you to try first, this would prevent a lot of misery they just waiting to shoot some one, but if all else fails, SHOOT.

  9. NIPON GINKO says:

    James –l have a unit called ” life alert” –its very effective –they answer within 5 to 10 sec of your pushing the button — if you don’t respond to their VERY LOUD call back WHICH CAN BE HEARD THRU OUT THE HOUSE/​ they notify the police & they know exactly where you are so at least they might get there in time to retaliate for your demise if you don’t get the safty off on your street sweeper before they break down your door. N G

  10. Russell says:

    You need to be prepared to deal with home invasion, don’t assume anything like they will take your stuff and leave, hell no they are there to do you and your family harm. Anyone that will break in a home with the family there isn’t after your TV count on being raped and your children also. Keep a 45 within reach and don’t hesitate to use it. You are the only ones that can protect your family, the police will be there to investigate your family’s death if you fail.

  11. Mark A. Reyes says:

    Yes, I too have answered the door with a pistol concealed behind me. I am not paranoid, but I am a small man (66″/150 lbs.) so there is no shortage of bad dudes that tower over me.

    1) the first time was early evening in Fayetteville, NC–the person asked if so-​​and-​​so lived there (obviously not–my car was parked in the driveway); I slowly waved my .45 pistol “no” in a non-​​mencing fashion, and the individual hauled ass without saying a word.

    2) the second time, again, early evening, this time in Silver Spring, Maryland,–the caller claimed to be selling something or other. When he would not take a polite “no” for an answer, I again waved my .25 cal Beretta in a very calm, non-​​mencing “no” fashion, and he too hauled ass.

    No, the police were not summoned in either case by these individuals, so I can only think they were “casing” my place for an immediate or later crime. Having a pistol in hand causes potential felons to take flight!

    The bad guys know there are too many other easy victims (i.e., an unarmed, single female) out there who lack the will, means, and the training to blast a gaping hole through them.

  12. DanL says:

    Unfortunatly, here in The Great Peoples Communist Democratik Republik of Kalifornia, you have to retreat until you can’t retreat any further. If they don’t come after you, you have to wait for the cops to show up while the crooks steal you blind and make their getaway. If the crooks chase you down, you better kill ‘em, ’cause if you don’t, they will sue you and win. If I wasn’t care giver to my Mother, I would be out of this miserable state so fast you wouldn’t even see a blur.

  13. Ed s. says:

    what is the best defense from a power wheelchair.

  14. Chris says:

    I don’t think the wasp spray is likely to cause you legal problems if an invader is inside your home. If you spray them when they’re still outside, that may be an entirely different matter. Once they come/​break through the door, and are inside, you are allowed to use deadly force, so spray them with wasp spray shouldn’t get you in trouble. I think this is the case in most, if not all, states.

  15. Ken says:

    Alex, I believe that Jeff knows exactly what the vp said, just as I do, That statement by the vp was so outrageously stupid, is the reason that I thought Travis meant that as sarcasm also.

  16. MAJOR D USA (RET) says:


    Three rounds of .357 through the door? I would just put one round through the door just to let him know I am armed and what he is going to face if he should gain entry.… and THEN if the perp keeps coming.. THEN I would unload on him because he is either crazy or doped up to the point where there is no rational thought anymore… which makes for a VERY dangerous perp indeed. He WANTS to harm you. No doubt if he keeps coming after that.

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