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Tysen Ober is a 23 year old soldier who recently returned from an overseas deployment to Kuwait.  With no job, no school, and no relationship awaiting his return, Tysen knew this was his moment to do something big.  And boy is it big!  Tysen will be running 3,500 miles from California to Maine to raise money for wounded warriors.  His hope is to inspire others to “get out, get active and get involved in giving back to this country.”  His drive and vision inspired me to talk about how far we can all go with the right attitude (see the bottom of this article for ways to support Tysen’s quest).


People like Tysen Ober have it.  Pioneers and influential leaders of our country have had it.  Someone you know, a family member, friend, co-​​worker, or neighbor embodies it right now.  It is an acronym I learned many years ago while studying the great inventors and visionaries who help to create this great nation of ours.  I first read about it while reading a beat up, faded copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  If you don’t know about this book, I encourage you to read it. It’s available free to download online just be sure to look for the original 1937 version — even though some of the references are outdated, I believe it’s more important to read an author’s original text.  By the title, you may believe it’s all about creating wealth and to some extent it is.  Ideal wealth goes way beyond money, however.  It is ideal health, happiness, love, satisfaction, peace, a sense of purpose and even a sense of contribution.  No matter how you define it, every great accomplishment has been fueled and sustained by a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

Your Compass

The way I see it, Tysen had two choices when he returned to the States.  He could have wallowed in self-​​pity, focusing on what he lacked or he could have done exactly what he is doing, looking at his circumstances in a positive way with an attitude of achievement. Your attitude will determine the direction you go in every area of your life like the needle on a compass, always pointing True North.  An easy exercise to gauge where you’re headed is to take notice of your words and thoughts throughout the day.  If the words can’t, don’t, won’t show up more often than can, do, and will, you may be in need of a little attitude adjustments.  Are you constantly critical of yourself or others?  Do you light up a room when you leave it?  Maybe these research findings will cheer you up:

  • Happy people are less likely to catch colds and report fewer symptoms if they do get a virus.
  • A positive attitude produces more flu antibodies.
  • People with higher levels of satisfaction have fewer heart attacks.
  • Happy people develop and sustain healthier habits like:
    • getting enough sleep
    • not smoking
    • eating a nutritious diet
    • remaining relaxed
    • engaging in regular exercise and fitness activities

Attitude Adjustment

If I still haven’t convinced you to turn your frown upside down (you just knew I was going to slide that one in, didn’t you?) why not take a few new steps toward a more positive you this spring?  Here are some ways to give yourself a lift:

  • Pet a Furry Friend — petting a dog or cat actually releases feel-​​good hormones and lowers stress hormones.
  • Smile More — even if you are in a doom and gloom mood, smiling activates happiness centers of the brain, so, come on, give us a smile!
  • Hold Hands — human touch is amazing.  It releases positive hormones, reduces blood pressure and decreases heart rate. Offer a hand shake, give a pat on the back, or embrace someone you love.  Just be sure to limit the hand-​​holding to people you already know!
  • Improve the Company You Keep — let’s face it, some people can be a real drag on our emotions.  If you are in a rut, find some positive people to hang out with and that includes connecting on social media with uplifting posts, quotes, photos and messages.
  • Laugh It Up — pay attention to the programs you watch on t.v. and your music choices.  It may be time to skip the news or violent shows and lyrics.  Replace them with comedies and other uplifting entertainment that make you laugh.  Laughter also gives your brain a boost of feel-​​good endorphins to help you along your positive path.
  • Get Out There — reconnect with nature whenever possible by opting for a walk or jog in the park, an afternoon hike or a stroll in the woods.  One study showed that interacting with nature reduced depression, promoted healing, sparked creativity and increased life expectancy.
  • Keep the Faith - focusing on something bigger than yourself is a great way to recalibrate your attitude.  Talk to your base Chaplain, find a good church, and get involved in faith-​​based organizations within your community.
  • Inside Out -  a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins will move to positive process along in a big way.  When you feel better, you do (everything) better!

Developing a positive mental attitude will reap its rewards in ways you never imagined possible.  In the end, the choice is yours.  Choose wisely!

All Ober America: If you would like to support Tysen’s 3,500 run, go to www​.my24kvip​.com and enter VIP code: ALLOBERAMERICA where you’ll be able to set up your own private customer account to purchase 24K™ (a healthy shot to boost your mood and your energy), Innergize!® (healthy hydration), and ProVantage® (patented performance enhancer).  Tysen will be using all of these products on his run.  All purchases will support Tysen’s mission and help fuel him for his journey to support our wounded veterans.   You may also make direct donations on his website: www​.ALLOBERAMERICA​.ORG and be sure to Like him on Facebook: https://​www​.facebook​.com/​A​l​l​O​b​e​r​A​m​e​r​ica

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the main with the wrong mental attitude — Thomas Jefferson

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