Be on National TV for Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Mother’s Day Workouts To Put Your Health First

Mother’s Day Workouts To Put Your Health First

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is Friday, May 10th. If you live near or are visiting the NYC area and want to be on national TV, email nikki@​nikkifitness.​com. Fox & Friends is doing a segment with my Military Wife Workout DVD, and if you participate, you get one for free after the show! (Get more info on the 30 minute multitasking toning and cardio workout at http://​www​.nikkifitness​.com/​d​v​d​-​m​i​l​i​t​a​r​y​-​w​i​f​e​-​w​o​r​k​o​u​t​.​php)

If you are ceelbrating Mil Spouse Day and Mother’s Day this weekend, but can’t join me in NYC, here is a Fit Minute workout you can try to put your health first while being pampered this weekend (even if just for a few minutes).

I recently did a prenatal workout from my (Baby Bootie Camp DVD i shot with my baby) on a NYC show called The Couch. Here is a link to the video so you can try this move. It is save for any trimester (works abs when you can lay on your back anymore), works your back, arms, balance, core, chest and more. Its also a great move to include in your every day workout if you are not with-​​child. It supports good posture, and tones your back and abdominal muscles. I do it every week.

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  1. Dottie Ramos says:

    Hello, \“Thank you for supporting Military spouse day! I live in Dallas TX. My husband is active duty and currently on deployment. We love and miss him and always pray and wait for his safe return. Thank you to all the Military spouses. I know it takes a lot to be one , because, My husband is active duty. I am so proud of him. Thank you to all those who serve!

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