Move of the Week: How to Get Guns with One Fast Move

How to Get Guns Fast

Multitasking is the way to save time and lifting is the way to sculpted arms. If you don’t have a lot of time, my 6 count combo move will hit your biceps, triceps and shoulders simultaneously! Bonus exercise — adding a squat targets quads and gluteus too! All you need is a pair of weights heavy enough for you to lift 15 times and feel challenged. I use 12 lbs weights.

Here are some photos from a segment I did on WCBS The Couch in NYC.

1) Squat with weights in hands, with palms facing in

Squats with Weights

2) Stand up and curl your hands up into a biceps hammer curl, hands still facing the center line of the body, and bringing the weights to shoulder level

Biceps Hammer Curl

3) Keeping palms facing in and push the weights overhead while straightening the arms (works shoulders)

Stand up Curl

4) Bend the elbows and lower the weights behind your head into a triceps “french press”

Triceps French Press

5) Push weights back overhead while straightening the arms

Stand up Curl

6) Bend elbows to bring weights down to shoulders, then straighten elbows to “uncurl” the weights back toward your hips for biceps. and squat again (move 1). Repeat the combo 15 times.

Biceps Hammer Curl

Squats with Weights



  1. Bradford says:

    \“GUNS\”…???…wtf?…I thought this story was about how to acquire *firearms*…And you wonder why the \“gun control debate\” is such a cacophony of confusion…is calling well-​​developed muscles \“guns\” supposed to be \“cutesy\”…???…or are you ladies just trying too hard to be one of the \“boys\”…???…

  2. mobow says:

    Best advise for women to get in Shape is to drop the girly weight and follow a weightlift routine for men.

    females should follow the same routine as men, of course you use lighter weights, But if you muscle are not sore or burning after the 10–15 reps your not working them hard enough.

    Remember a women that weights 150 lbs but has 10% body fat will look smaller then someone then someone that is light with more body fat. As fat takes up more room then muscle. Also more muscle mean you burn more cal and so on.

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