Run, Swim, Urban Combat: Training to be a Navy Seal

SEAL training

Training to be a Navy Seal means more than just passing the physical test. It’s more than making it through Navy Hell Week. Sure, these things are important but the rubber hits the road the minute your boots hit the ground on an actual mission.

You have to train so that you’re building muscles and endurance that have a direct impact on your job. You have to practice to that each maneuver becomes second nature…as natural and effortless as breathing. You need the kind of training that will actually help you in your job.

What do I mean by that? Well, cycling gives you a great cardio workout and helps improve the heart, true. But it’s not going to give you a huge advantage when you’re humping an 80 pound pack over uneven terrain to get to your target.

Last time I checked, soldiers don’t ride bicycles into combat!

You will swim when training to be a Navy Seal

Combat Swimmer StrokeElite athletes shave down to shave seconds off their time. Seals don’t need to do that. In fact, since you’ll be swimming in ocean water as Navy Seal, which is pretty damn cold, that extra insulation may actually help!


The best kind of swimming when training to be a Navy Seal will be while wearing stiff fins. These help propel you through the water and build leg strength.

But it’s not all about speed. In some cases, you will be carrying heavy loads and moving a little slower will actually keep you safe.
You’ll also need grip strength as well as shoulder and arms strength. You may need to climb up a rope ladder onto the boat. This can be achieved with rope climbs, squeezing tennis balls, and weight training.

You will run when training to be a Navy Seal

training to be a navy seal-runningRunning while training will help build your cardiovascular system. As you build up your heart muscles, supporting it with the best dietary supplements, you’ll be encouraging your body to pump more oxygen rich blood.

This is an important measure of your overall fitness levels. The better trained you are for endurance, the more oxygenated blood travels through your system. And while running with the best running shoes on the market won’t hurt you, running in your combat boots, in the sand, and over various terrains will more closely resemble what you’ll be doing on the job.

And of course…with an 80+ pound pack.

That added weight while you are building your running endurance mimics carrying gear or a wounded soldier or hostage. Remember that your balance will be different when carrying such a load. So while weight training for building muscles is useful, uneven weight distribution is something you’re going to need to get used to.

This is where throwing off the symmetry of your weight training can be useful. Push-​​ups where one arm is propped up higher than the other, squats (with or without dumbbells) while balancing on a bosu ball.

These kinds of activities help keep you flexible. So, while stretching is something a lot of guys pass on, it’s vital for long-​​term health and service as a Navy Seal.

You will Prepare for Urban Combat when Training to be a Navy Seal

Training to be a Navy Seal-Urban CombatDuring urban combat, you may not need to carry as much food or water, or hike as far since transportation will be close by in most cases; however, your need to carry adequate weapons and ammunitions will remain the same.

You will be required to perform duties in a city-​​like setting. This could mean sprinting up a flight of stairs where at the top you have to break down a door and then remain focused with mental clarity to assess and respond to any conditions – hostile or not – once you get there.

Murphy’s Law is in full effect during any operation…remember that.

This requires that your training involve sprints so you have explosive power. You need shoulder and arm strength and endurance as well as leg strength.

You’ll need Dietary Supplement Support when Training to be a Navy Seal

All of the effort you put in at the gym and on the trail has to be supported by the food you eat and the supplements you take. It’s that simple.

To get the best results overall you need the best dietary supplements. Sure, you can get most of what you need from food. But the trouble is the right kind, quality and amounts needed for the kind of work you are doing is not always available. That’s where sports nutrition and science can help. And, it’s why the military spends a good amount of research testing and analyzing the supplements their soldiers take.

Face it, when you’re training to be a Navy Seal, you’re demanding more from your body. This isn’t about having a magazine-​​ready physique. This is about building and maintaining a machine, your body, your muscles and your mind, so that every time you’re called to perform as a Navy Seal, you’re ready.

How Well Are you Supporting  your Training?

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