Techno-​​training for Military: Virtual Worlds and Computer Games

military training technology

Military training is the key component for military readiness. It includes physical preparedness and being mentally fit, which you have complete control over through your workouts and nutritional choices.

The part of military training that you don’t control is that training provided by your military unit.

These are the training exercises you do – both “old school” and now with simulations using the latest technology. This advanced training using the most modern technology is something that many at the top of the food chain fight for when budgets are being decided.

But this is not a political blog, so we’re not going to go into what’s right or wrong with that whole system. While support for our front line soldiers is a priority for most, the ongoing investment in the military training of soldiers of the future is always under pressure.

Military Training Technology: Why is it Important?

military training technology3It seems prudent to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to military and defense. And, it can be hard to simulate that unexpected event and train for it in real-​​life military training.

That’s where the power of technology and virtual military training is coming into play.

Through programming, a computer can be given thousands of lines of code that try to anticipate the event and the various responses that a soldier will have to that event.

It may seem like a game; however, putting someone in an environment they may experience in combat allows their body to go through all the physiological changes that will occur…and learn to adapt to them. This is important because it builds confidence in the individual soldier. When they know what combat stress feels like they can have a healthy response to it.

And…when the entire unit feels confident and ready to handle their mission because they have faced similar situations during military training, troop safety and morale is increased and more missions can be completed successfully.

Military Training Technology: What’s Being Used Now?

military training technology2Military training and technology are so deeply connected that there is a magazine dedicated to it. Every year they identify the top simulation companies dedicated to military training.

The military training software covers lots of situations:

  • Military training for medics where combat injuries are created to closely resemble the real thing so that medical personnel are better prepared in the field (imagine trying to replicate traumatic injury in real life! Probably wouldn’t find too many volunteers, right?)
  • Military training for pilots that run them through combat training exercises even though they never leave the ground
  • Military training for those that have been in combat and are suffering from Post-​​Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Many soldiers are able to recovery faster when the parameters of their experience are programmed into the computer. With the aid of 3-​​D goggles they can literally walk through and re-​​experience what they went through. This is all done in a controlled environment where the soldier and express what they are seeing, hearing, smelling (yes, the brain can remember certain smells even though they are not really there), and feeling. The monitor can talk them through the simulation which allows the soldier to establish new brain patterns and better adaptation of the trauma.
  • Portable units that are attached to soldiers as they go through military training exercises to assess how they are responding to the stress and the events physiologically. Yes, this can be done!


Can Military Training in a Virtual World Motivate you for Better Performance?

Absolutely! Imagine if all your PT scores, your weight, and your marksmanship results were input into the virtual game. You don’t get to take on the super-​​powers of a computer avatar. Instead you have to go through the virtual military training exercise as you.

The physical, real-​​life You is the virtual Avatar!

So, if you’re out of shape, overweight, or just not that good of a shot because you don’t put in the time to practice, workout, and eat right, you are going to see how that affects your individual performance and the performance of the entire team.

  • What happens when your avatar is constantly being left behind because you’re out of shape?
  • Or someone on your team is virtually injured because you don’t have the mental focus and clarity needed in an urban combat situation?
  • Or you’re sluggish from indulging in crappy food the night before and it affects your performance?

Better to see the results of your poor decisions and habits in make-​​believe-​​world before your boots hit the ground, right?

And even more important…you’ll have time to correct your individual performance and level of health and physical fitness. That’s where the best dietary supplements and nutritional advice can help…if you’re up to the challenge of really being the best you can be.

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  1. jirrafel mae lopez says:

    i want to be a militar someday..

  2. Dale Kepel says:

    Training is very important, it can help us to somehow feel or be involved to certain things or situation that we will encounter. Technology can greatly help us in our training, the more advanced it will be, the more it could be effective and more realistic. Our life is at stake when we are in a military, but it is for the good of the country.

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