GORUCK Nasty — Obstacle Course Event

GORUCK Nasty Obstacle Course Event

See video on Nasty Nick that this Obstacle Course Event is modeled after — Fundraiser for Green Beret Foundation

If you are an aspiring Special Ops candidate, there are many things you can do to prepare.  Whether you want to go Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines Special Ops, you need to be able to move through obstacle courses and learn to move with weight in a back pack.  The US Army Special Forces Obstacle Course called the “Nasty Nick” is a challenging event during the Selection Phase of training for future Green Berets.  Now, Special Ops candidates as well as civilians looking for a fun racing event can do an obstacle course based on the Nasty Nick, but sadistically placed on a mountain ski slope.  The former Special Forces operators at GORUCK are creating such and event to raise month for the Green Beret Foundation.  See More Info: GORUCK Nasty.

GORUCK Events offer team building experiences to civilians based on Special Operations training, and as a company it actively supports the Green Beret Foundation with over $450,000 raised. For more information on how they work together, please visit this page.

GORUCK’s newest event, GORUCK Nasty, will be held on September 21st at Massanutten Resort, VA. It’s a 6-​​mile obstacle course patterned directly after Nasty Nick from Fort Bragg. All course designers for GORUCK Nasty are Special Forces personnel, and all proceeds gained at the event are going to the Green Beret Foundation.

GORUCK Nasty is a huge fundraising opportunity, and GORUCK is eager to get the word out and have a large presence of Spec Ops candidates — both as participants and volunteers.  GORUCK has 40+ SOF employees, and they will all be there to motivate participants. The goal is to create a fun-​​filled day-​​long forum for civilians and military personnel alike to interact and break down civilian-​​military barriers while tackling an authentic and challenging military-​​inspired obstacle course.  Nasty is a great opportunity for Spec Ops candidates to get significant face time with current and former Special Operations Soldiers who GORUCK considers good representatives of their SOF communities.  The event as a whole is meant to be both a great time and a learning experience for all.

GO RUCK — We Need Volunteers:

GORUCK is actively seeking individuals who would like to volunteer at Nasty 001.

If any individuals do not wish to participate in the actual obstacle course itself, GORUCK hopes they would like to still come out and enjoy the day while helping in the running of operations at GORUCK Nasty.  Ways in which volunteers can assist include manning positions along the obstacle course offering advise on the negotiating of obstacles, encouragement, and comedic critiques where necessary; facilitating check-​​in and registration; and fulfilling medical station support roles.  Volunteers would receive a discount on GORUCK gear purchases and future GORUCK events.  And as always, there’s a great free GORUCK Staff T-​​shirt for all who help.

Our surrounding area Heroes of Tomorrow trainers and Spec Ops candidates will be attending and volunteering as well.  The USNA Spec Ops Team will also be helping out and running the course.  So come on out no matter what Spec Ops branch you want to serve or if just want to meet some Special Operators, USNA Midshipmen, other ROTC Cadets.

To register as either a volunteer or a participant, click here.

This is the training page, and here’s where you can see the longer posts written by Cadre. GoRuck Nasty Flyer

For more info on training for a GO RUCK event — see GO RUCK Training.


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