Military Fitness Standards: Harder or Better?

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The Army recently announced that military fitness standards are being raised for professional military education. But “raised” may not be the best word to use since they are maybe just going back to where they were before…or close.

The current military fitness standards were adjusted downward when the armed services needed to fill spots for two wars. But today since those ranks have been filled, it’s time to tighten up the requirements and demand more and better from our soldiers.

Source: http://​www​.army​.mil/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​8​8​3​0​8​/​A​r​m​y​_​t​i​g​h​t​e​n​s​_​f​i​t​n​e​s​s​_​s​t​a​n​d​a​r​d​s​_​f​o​r​_​s​t​u​d​e​n​t​s​_​e​n​t​e​r​i​n​g​_​p​r​o​f​e​s​s​i​o​n​a​l​_​m​i​l​i​t​a​r​y​_​e​d​u​c​a​t​i​on/

This shift actually goes right in line with what research is telling us about overall health and the need for dietary and nutritional support. That means nutritionally dense rations and it means the best dietary supplements for military needs.

Why Should You Care About Better Military Fitness?

military fitness standards 2The armed forces are filled with high quality men and women with a desire to serve their country in the best and fittest way possible. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle and the “Standard American Diet” are not always conducive to staying in the best shape for active duty. The reality is that too many soldiers get lazy after they pass their military physical fitness tests.

In addition, shift work and interrupted work schedules often means bad food and snack choices low in nutritional value and filled with a lot of junk that can just throw your body out of whack. In addition, when you’re on shift work you’re obsessed with when you’re going to get some sleep. It can make you frantic!

Any kind of “normal” schedule is just a luxury. Working odd hours can force you to skip workouts or training in favor of social or family activities…or just to get in some extra sleep.

The good news is that you can change that.

The new military fitness standards might give you the motivation and the opportunity to get back into shape, eat better food and know which dietary supplements to take that are going to really give you the best results.

Military physical fitness goes way beyond PT…so your dietary supplement and nutritional choices have to go beyond PT too.

  • You need to support brain health because of your increased risk of brain trauma
  • You need ingredients which research shows has a positive effect for radiation exposure
  • You need support for extreme climates
  • You need a nutritional dietary supplement that will increase your level of overall fitness so you’re ready every time you put on your boots.

What Are Military “Fitness Level” Standards?

military fitness standards 4What is “fitness level?” Your fitness level is measured by your body’s ability to withstand a physical workload and to recover in a timely manner.

The daily use of Multipurpose Dietary Supplement can help elevate the baseline fitness level of any individual and training is less likely to lead to mental or physical fatigue.

Most people reach for a conventional pre-​​workout formula…because that’s what everyone else does. But there is no sense in taking conventional pre-​​workout formulas designed for the general public. Why?

Because non-​​Military Grade pre-​​workout products guarantee short-​​term results. They are really designed to be used by people that go to a gym three days a week followed by at least 24 hour rest periods necessary for full recovery after using a pre-​​workout product.

That’s not you.

We’ve talked before about soldiers needing the same type of physical support as professional athletes….with no off season. Do you think that those high-​​paid sports starts go to the local GNC to get their supplements?

You have to be ready…always. You have to train because you’re preparing to use those muscles and that mental discipline on your job and during your mission.

Support for your Baseline Level of Fitness

military fitness standards 3Military service involves basic training conducted on a daily basis. Without the right nutritional support for those intense workouts you could risk overtraining.

In boot camp you don’t always have the right to say NO and overtraining can really become a problem. It weakens your immune system so you’re more susceptible to the flu and cold; it weakens your body’s ability to build muscle, leads to poor concentration and significantly slows reaction times down.

Bottom line: Without the dietary support to meet those military fitness standards, your whole body will let you know that it has had enough and needs rest. It will say NO to you!

Military Grade Multi-Purpose Dietary Supplements


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