New Training Device — The CrossRope (Elite Jump Rope System)

New Training Device — The CrossRope (Elite Jump Rope System)

If you have been a user of my workouts for any of the past 15 years, you will notice I do not do jump roping as part of my written programming.  It does not mean I disapprove of jumping rope, in fact, I have many years of jumping rope when I wrestled and played football in high school and played rugby in college. We also used jump ropes while on deployments when visiting on submarines or boats when in the SEAL Teams.  I just never pushed jump roping as a training option when the focus of my writing has been mainly running, rucking, swimming as a cardio foundation.

However, after learning about this new jump rope called the Crossrope (www​.crossrope​.com) at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Tactical Strength and Conditioning Conference, I actually have added jump roping to my training programs.

The unique design of the handles makes this jump rope system versatile like no other.  The detachable, ball-​​bearing handles offer a smooth speed and rotation of any size rope. Connect the Speed cable for max double under performance, traditional cardio or high speed, high intensity workouts. Then clip in your explode cable to really condition and tone your upper body. Then add the three pound Titan cable and see how many jumps you can get in 1 minute.  The record on the site’s competition videos show people getting hundreds of jumps /​ double unders and other complex challenges with a rope.  With CrossRope, you can easily change the weight of your jump rope by snapping in one of seven different weights of rope. These ropes and handles will help increase your strength, coordination, and fitness quicker and more effectively.  The ball bearing handles ensure that the heaviest rope rotates as smoothly as the lightest so these ropes will spin as fast as you can move them!

The creator of Crossrope is Dave Hunt a Naval Academy graduate and pilot who launched Crossrope in 2012.  This is a new system that will change the way people train and think about jump ropes.  It has changed the way I train.  In the workout below, we used the Titan Heavy Rope /​ Handles and strive to get 100–120 jumps per minute as one element of our circuit below.  See how we mix the Crossrope, Pullups, Kettlebells, TRXs, Sandbags, and Running (then swimming) all into a challenging circuit video.  Here is how we added these ropes to our workout circuits:

Repeat 4–5 times
Max Pullups
1 min TRX Atomic Pushups
1 min TRX Rollouts
1 min Cross Rope Titan
Run with Sandbag 1/​4 mile

*One guy will skip all the above but constantly move a Kettlebell during the time it takes to do this circuit — roughly 6–7 minutes.  Everyone will do the KB swings, snatch, walk etc only 1 round of 6–7 minutes — no resting…

After this we went swimming and practiced treading water in between sets.  We tried jump ropes once on the pool deck but after a few toes getting hit with the rope we added shoes.  OUCH!

We will be developing new workouts with these jump ropes and monitoring the progress.  Already after a few short weeks, everyone in the group are better jump ropers and pushing the limits of their abilities in a new way we have not tried.   So check out CrossRope​.com and see the insane jump rope videos of how well you can progress with this device.

Who knows?  It could become your favorite form of cardio training.



  1. stewsmith says:

    Yes I know the guy with the KB has horrible form. After seeing him do it I stopped him and told him to walk with the weight. You missed that since I voiced over the video to explain the workout.

  2. @svgfit says:

    CrossRopes sound like a great addition to any fitness program! Thanks for sharing the info @StewSmith

  3. George says:

    I see the Crossfit Cadre, as I call them, using jump ropes and I want to incorporate jumping rope into my workouts but have two problems. I can never find a rope that is long enough, I am 6\‘6\”, and because of that, I am probably the worst rope jumper you have every seen. Any suggestions on where I can get a long enough jump rope? I have used the TRX before deployment and a little while here so far as a substitute for exercises requiring a a cable machine or even a stability ball.

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