Best Vitamins for Men When You Need More than Muscle

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Recently, someone asked what the best vitamins for men training for military are.

For some people this is an odd question. Why would someone in the military need anything special? Won’t any old multivitamin work just fine?

Well, that’s like saying that elite athletes would perform at the high levels they do even if they just took what any weekend warrior takes. I don’t think

The best vitamins for men training for military must address things like stress fractures and sleep deprivation. Military grade dietary supplements must address environmental and occupational extremes like radiation, altitude, fluctuations in weather and time zones, and periods where food and hydration are interrupted.

Generic Vitamins are for Weekend Warriors

The best vitamins for men training for military must also be safe and doping free.

The military spends a lot of time, money and resources studying the most popular supplements and scientific nutritional advances to be sure the supplements soldiers they take will not interfere with their missions. And when they find something that’s not safe, they’ll pull it from the shelves.

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This gives you the insight you need to choose the best dietary supplements to reach your goals. It helps when you understand what exactly the purpose is behind the ingredients in your supplement. Most guys are familiar with the amino acids and with creatine for muscle building and recovery. But the science of dietary supplements really goes way beyond that.

And, much of the research used comes from military research. Yes, they want their soldiers to be in the best shape and operate, literally, like fine oil machines. And yes, science can and does help with that.

The free booklet gives you a glimpse into some of the dietary supplements ingredients you see on your favorite vitamins and tells you WHY they are included. Then, you can be a smarter consumer when you’re choosing which supplements, if any, to include in your daily routine.

The best vitamins for men with help:

  • Avoid “overtraining syndrome.”
  • Support your nutritional backbone
  • Assist with overall Brain Health to handle mental stress
  • Support your cognitive functions
  • Speed-​​up your recovery rates
  • Facilitate critical decision making

Are You Ready for Peak Performance Using the best vitamins for men training for the military?

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