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Sorry to have missed you last week.  My parents were in town for a visit and we had a very full schedule of activities.  One thing I notice about spending time with my folks is how many characteristics we share.  I love working on projects with my dad as much as I love shopping adventures with my mom.  This photo is from a trip I took with my mom to Eastport, Maine — the easternmost city in the United States — how cool is that?   I’m fortunate to have amazing parents who are kind, loving, generous, fun and loaded with talent.  You may or may not be in the same boat with your folks — the good news is that you have the power to do something about it.  

A Really Big Deal

If you’ve been with me for past articles, you know we’ve talked about epigenetics for a while.  This recent article from Reliv International is worth sharing with you as it really simplifies this complex emerging field into simple steps you can take to improve your health in a big way starting today.

epigeneticsEvery cell in your body contains DNA — half from your mom, half from your dad. That’s your genome, the genetic blueprint that makes you you.  Until recently, scientists believed there was little to nothing you could do to affect genes inherited from your parents. Turns out you have more control than you think you do.

Taking Control

Within each of your cells is a higher level of complexity called the epigenome. The epigenome acts like the boss of the cell, instructing the genome which genes to turn on and off. This is why different cell types — eye cells, skin cells, liver cells, etc. — can have the same DNA but perform vastly different functions.  The epigenome can also determine how well a cell functions, and that’s where you come in. Good lifestyle choices turn healthy genes on and unhealthy genes off. While bad choices do just the opposite and can lead to serious health problems.  Problem is, even when you know what you’re supposed to do — eat right, exercise, reduce stress, etc. — life sometimes gets in the way.

  • What If…
    What if there was a simple, proven way to turn good genes on, turn bad genes off and become your best possible you? To improve upon the genetic code your parents left you and even pass on those healthy epigenetics to your own kids?
  • What Is It?
    A naturally occurring soy peptide.
  • How Does It Work?
    Lunasin is the first nutritional compound identified to work at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health.
  • So What?
    50+ studies have shown lunasin’s many health benefits:

    •  Cholesterol management
    •  Inflammation reduction
    • Antioxidant benefits
    • Improved immunity
    • Overall cellular health
    • And the list keeps growing…

The Epigenetic Superfood

LunaRich — nutrition at a higher level

  • What Is It?
    LunaRich® from Reliv is a breakthrough nutritional
    ingredient that optimizes bioactive lunasin more than anything else available today.
  • How Is It Made?
    LunaRich is made from non-​​GMO soybean varieties with the highest concentration of lunasin and manufactured using proprietary technologies that help maintain the lunasin’s bioactivity — even after digestion.
  • So What?
    You get maximum lunasin for maximum benefits.

So, whether you have a loving family or close friends who become your family, you can improve your genes and make the most of your time together by enjoying optimal health for a lifetime!

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If you’re ready to take charge, start with LunaRichX™- the world’s first epigenetic superfood.  Simply go to reliv​.com/​buy and enter your sponsor’s RCN 53960101 or use VIP code: GOLD for your free customer account.

“My heroes are and were my parents.  I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.”  Michael Jordan

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