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Benefits of peanut butter

Walking through Whole Foods, what would you expect a Cross-​​Fit Champion would load up on?

Eggs? Wheaties? Raw Meat?

How about…Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milk?

Yep…turns out getting ripped and winning championships involves little nuts and big udders.

Peanut Butter has Good Fat!

Skip the low-​​fat version. Two tablespoons of an All-​​Natural peanut butter is packed with mono-​​unsaturated omega-​​3 fats. Most of you know this the good fat, right?

In a rush to leverage the “low-​​fat” marketing craze, some peanut butter manufacturers strip out this good fat and replace it with maltodextrin – a food additive that’s basically empty carbs. Then, they add more sugar and slap on the Low-​​fat label so the unknowing will think they are doing something good for their body.

Omega 3s are great for heart health, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce joint inflammation and prevent protein breakdown.

Other sources for Omega-​​3 Fatty Acids include:

  • Cold-​​water Seafood (Salmon tops my list!)
  • Dairy products which have been fortified with omega-​​3s (like eggs)
  • Flaxseed
  • Walnuts
  • Green leafy vegetables (which contain ALA)

Got (Chocolate) Milk?

More than a slogan and a dark mustache, milk is a quality complete protein source that your muscles love. Add in the chocolate and the added carbs from sugar and you will discover a great, no-​​fuss, after-​​workout drink.

Any proof to the chocolate milk claim? Research out of the American College of Sports Medicine involved a small group of just 8 endurance runners. The runners were given either chocolate milk or a carbohydrate sports drink with equal calories after their weekly 45-​​minute run.

The results? Muscle biopsies revealed increased skeletal muscle synthesis for the liquid chocolate which suggests better muscle rebuilding.

In another study at the University of Texas at Austin it was discovered:

“Serious and amateur athletes alike enjoyed physical recovery benefits when they drank low-​​fat chocolate milk after a vigorous workout,” said Dr. John Ivy, lead researcher on the studies and chair of The University of Texas at Austin College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. “The advantages for the study participants were better body composition in the form of more muscle and less fat, improved times while working out and overall better physical shape than peers who consumed sports beverages that just contained carbohydrates.”

Sports Science is not all Test Tubes

Say the word “science” and visions of lab coats and odd-​​colored-​​liquid-​​filled-​​beakers come to mind.

But sports science can be as simple as understanding the power of the chemical structure of the foods and herbs we consume each day.

Like chocolate milk and peanuts!

Disclaimer: If you allergic to peanuts, or milk, or chocolate…stick with the Wheaties!

At this point, it may not be crystal clear why these foods work, but the evidence is stacking up that they do. And because they are natural, they are safe.

Safety should be your top priority in any training and dietary supplement program that you’re on. Yes, there are synthetic products out there that can do the job. And, there are shall we say “illegal” and risky products out there too that can also give you short term results.

But this is your health, your body, and your life. And short term results are never acceptable if they must come at the cost of long-​​term pain or damage. So…step away from the juice!

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