Family Fitness Fun with Workout Bingo

Family Fitness Fun with Workout Bingo

No need for word apps! Create your own witha fun game of Bingo!

One of the most common problems that people who make the commitment to begin exercising regularly have is how monotonous and boring workouts can become, especially if you’re working out at home, or alone. When most people start out with their workout routines for the first time, they’re excited and perform the exercises with ease, but over time, workouts can get repetitive and boring. At the same time, families are engaged in their own screens — TV, iPad, iPhone, laptops, and don’t spend as much time interacting with each other, or moving and playing, as they used to. I propose to get together and get fit as a family with a good old-​​fashion twist!

There are loads of apps available for daily workouts nowadays, but even these can be quite limited in variation. Instead, why not create your own randomized daily workouts, all with the help of bingo.

Bingo has been around for ages, but it’s only recently that it’s been used in the realm of health and fitness. The Food Standards Agency has used bingo in an effort to raise awareness for proper food groups and correct eating habits, and FoxyBingo has repeatedly partnered with the Super League to showcase the work that women do within the sporting industry.

Playing workout bingo is quite easy. All you’ll need is a bunch of cards with a 5×5 grid. Label each column with one of the major muscle areas: Arms, Back, Chest, Core, and Legs. Now fill in each of the boxes in the column with an exercise for that specific body part. Here’s a sample bingo card you can work with.

workout bingo card

BodyBuilding​.com has more intense workouts for people who want to work out in the gym, but these simple workouts should be able to help you get started with your routines at home.

To play, simply roll a dice for each of the muscle areas. If you roll a 1, then do the first exercise listed, and so on. If you roll a 6, you’re free to do whichever workout you prefer. Do this for each of the muscle areas until you’ve created your custom workout for the day.
Fitness, fit it in — with the whole family!

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