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Here is a smart article from military veteran and fitness company owner Kit Dumph:

Staying in Shape While You Are in the Military or at Work

 It’s strange to think that military members would have problems finding time to exercise. They are in the military after all, and that’s part of the job. The truth is that even when commands set aside specific times for fitness, it is often times the first thing axed when other tasks are on the whiteboard.  This same pressure on time and tasks happens in the civilian worldalso, and all to frequently exercise time is the first to go.

So the obvious question is how do you take your fitness back when tasks and time dictate otherwise? The best solution is to make fitness a priority and set aside specific blocks of time to accomplish this. When that isn’t possible, you can go to Plan B.

Plan B

“Get fit by making it fit”

This means adding physical activities in between your normal activities throughout the day.  A perfect example of this is a wakeup pushup regime as follows.

Wake Up: 10 warm up pushups

Activity: Such as turning on the coffee machine

Exercise: 20 Pushups

Activity: Make the bed

Exercise 20 Pushups

Activity: Start Breakfast

Exercise 20 pushups

This can be modified and edited a million different ways to present a challenge and adapt to your goals.

If you are in a military setting, the “Get fit by making it fit” attitude will be even easier. There is even a good chance that your co-​​workers will join in on the fun.  In fact, I have seen many commands and schools adopt this attitude. Such as requiring 10 pull-​​ups before entering the chow hall, rowing 1000 meters before lunch or an end of the day pushup requirement.  All of which can be adapted and used to your advantage when you are too busy to block off time solely for PT.

Kit Dumph is the Founder of Force Fitnesfitkits Kits.. He spent 7 years in Special Operations with deployments around the globe. The Force Fitness Kit team believes that fitness should be easy, accessible and go where you go.   sells a complete workout kit that is designed to allow the user to stay in shape wherever life may lead them.  Mail Questions & Comments



  1. Kent. says:

    I just started a routine similar to this, This morning. Waking up, Starting coffee, 10 pullups and some stretching, Jump rope 50 count, 10 burpees with 20 pushups each burpee and back to jumprope every other set. Drank coffee, got ready for watch. I felt great and all day too, so i think its a healthy little routine to get up and let the blood pump in the morning, Also Knocked out 6 or 7 sets of 10 pullups while at the workplace since we have a pullup bar.

  2. alisonbowling2014 says:

    This is so helpful, sometimes I find myself wondering how I’m going to squeeze in a workout that will leave me feeling like I actually did something when my routine remains SO busy. I have a general question about flutter kicks. Different places suggest different sets to do, but I’m wondering what the best amount to do at a time for optimization is?

    Also, what about showering after the workout? I’ve heard that using massively hot water isn’t good right after a workout and ruins the burn, but am not sure that it actually impacts it.


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