Spring Fitness Product Review: Work your way from winter to summer with these healthy products that are NikkiFitnessFaves!

Kiss My Face 2n1 Tropical Coconut Light Moisturizing Air Powered Spray

Dress, walk, eat, cook, and moisturize your way from winter to summer with my Spring Products that pass the #NikkiFitnessFaves review! They make you look good, feel good and are all-​​natural to put spring in your step for many years to come!

Allie fitness shoeVionic’s Ailie fitness shoe $109.95
Benefits for Spring: Vionic’s Ailie is great for the transition from boots to flip-​​flops and it features breathable mesh uppers with innovative podiatrist-​​designed Orthaheel Technology which is shown to reduce over-​​pronation – making it a perfect warm weather walking shoe! (If you have fallen arches, these are the flats you should own! I walked every neighborhood of NYC in them.)

Kiss My Face 2n1 Tropical Coconut Light Moisturizing Air Powered SprayKiss My Face 2n1 Tropical Coconut Light Moisturizing Air Powered Spray® ($9.99)
Benefits for Spring: Your skin can absorb 60% of what you put on it…Kiss My Face products are made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer while being earth and wallet-​​friendly! This lightweight formula is made with naturally nourishing antioxidants, botanicals and vitamins to help fight free radicals. And it’s parabens and phthalates-​​free to moisturize and soften skin after the flaky, cold winter skin-​​blues. I daydreamed of summer beaches with the smell of the emollient-​​rich coconut water & coconut oil. This one-​​touch, any-​​angle spray is designed for those hard to reach places without getting your hands and rings greasy. It’s vegan-​​friendly, not tested on animals and no artificial fragrances. Plus, it’s air-​​powered, which means no chemical propellants. Good for you, good for the environment!

Mai Tai Floral Aspire Layered Look Banded Hem TankMai Tai Floral Aspire Layered Look Banded Hem Tank ($67.00)
Benefits for Spring: Not ready to run or work out in just a sport bra yet because of weather or that last 5 lbs you want to lose? Do a lose fitting tank that hides imperfections with a sexy, bright, peek-​​a-​​boo sports bra underneath! This cool top from Beach House Sport has an elastic banded hem, joined sports bra, racer back, “stay put” removable soft cups, a breathe-​​easy mesh liner, 50+ UPF protection, multi sport knit: 85% nylon/​15% spandex, and breathe easy textured mesh: 93% Polyester/​7% SpandexPants to match…


Sunset Solids Prana Performance Multi Sport Cropped PantSunset Solids Prana Performance Multi Sport Cropped Pant ($47.00)
Benefits for Spring: Look no further for the perfect performance pant. Compression fit shapes the leg, while the banded waistband comfortably controls the rest. Compression fit, quick-​​dry performance, comfort waistband w/​ concealed pocket, 50+ UPF protection, and performance knit: 87% polyester/​13% spandex make them perfect for a sweat sesh!

After moisturizing and looking the part, time for a pre or post-​​workout snack!

Keen-Wah coconut barEssential Living Foods Keen-​​Wah Bars ($2.00-$4.00)
Benefits for Spring: All-​​natural, amazing flavors, low calorie, and portable organic super foods! For a quick pick me up, snag one of these complete protein quinoa powdered energy bars packed full of organic, whole-​​food ingredients and robust flavors. I went even further with my order because they have so many great items that all taste amazing in eco-​​friendly packaging…

Keen-​​Wah Decadence Cayenne Bar. 42g 11840–517 1 $3.29
Keen-​​Wah Decadence Cacao Bar. 42g 11839–516 1 $2.25
Keen-​​Wah Glow Functional Bar – 30g 11846–528 1 $2.69
Enlighten Mix – 3 oz 11986–562 1 $6.99
Keen-​​Wah Decadence Coconut Bar. 42g 11841–518 1 $3.29
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 14 oz 11597–233 1 $14.99
Chia Seeds – 8 oz 1 $8.24
The Slimnastics Anti-Aging Walking Workout VideoThe Slimnastics Walking Workout Video featuring NikkiFitness ($10 iTunes/​Android, $19.99 Amazon​.com download or DVD)

And finally, when April showers lead to May… showers, take your workout indoors with a video routine you know you can accomplish…

The NikkiFitness® Slimnastics® Walking Workout is designed to give you a gentle workout that turns back the aging process! Whether you’re starting a workout routine for the first time, are rehabbing from an injury, or just taking care of your body as you get older, this workout is for you!

  • A gentle warm-​​up and introduction to the walking variations
  • Modifications to protect the joints and avoid injury
  • Optional changes in the marching routine to take you forward, back, side to side and increase agility
  • Lunges and squats for additional leg muscle toning, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back choreography to balance out the chiseling factor, and glute moves to tone trouble spots.
  • Improve the move: the walking routine incorporates low kicks, V-​​steps, hamstring curls, running lunges, knee-​​ups and more, to provide a low-​​impact cardiovascular workout that increases your endurance while keeping you entertained
  • The Caribbean video location gives your mind a vacation while your body gets a workout

The fun routine is just like a walk on the beach with a friend, and the benefits turn back time, help keep you healthy, and keep you coming back for more.

Fitness – fit it in this Spring! Nikki



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