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Jeff Anderson is a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Army, a Master Fitness Trainer, and Master Instructor of Close Quarters Combat self defense. A full time fitness and self defense author, Jeff has trained thousands of men and women in the practical application of advanced military fitness methods as well as close combat tactics for "real life" self defense.

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How to Crush a 265lb Badass Barroom Brawler!

A lot of people are skeptical of whether self-​​defense and martial arts techniques will really work against a bigger, stronger attacker.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional techniques people learn, will fail the test when facing a giant mass of muscle looking to pound you into the ground.

But real street fighting techniques like the one you’re about to discover have been proven extremely powerful and devastating no matter how big and ferocious the attacker.

For example, if you followed the “old school” days of cage fighting, you might remember a giant brute by the name of “Tank” Abbott.

If you didn’t, well… just imagine the meanest looking barroom brawler biker dude you’d ever hate to be on the wrong side of.

Home Invasion Defense: “Bump in the Night”

  • July 2, 2013
  • Self Defense
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I don’t know about  you, but I’ve been elbowed by my wife many a time with the expectant, “Honey, I heard a noise! Go check it out while I wait safely snuggled in the comfy coziness of our quilted down comforter!”.

If you’re like most people, you creep out of the bedroom quietly — tip-​​toeing through your floorplan like a secret agent, ready to get the drop on the scum-​​sucker stupid enough to pick your home as his next victim.  But is this the best way to respond to a potential attack?

Weird “Survival Food” for a Disaster or Collapse

When most people think of “survival food”, they think of MRE’s… canned goods… dried foods… etc. All of these have their place, but there’s one food you may not have thought of… and it’s like solid gold in a disaster or “collapse survival” scenario. It’s COFFEE!

You see, coffee is one of those staples that so many of us take for granted — until there’s a food crisis! Not that you and your family are going to be devastated if you don’t get your morning java… but there are many people who would kill for a cup-​​o-​​joe during a disaster recovery, when supplies are short. And what a great item to use for “survival bartering”, eh?

Imagine what other people would give (food, water, ammo, medical supplies?) for a friendly cup of coffee or some grinds during a time when there’s little food resupply (like during the recebt OK tornado disaster).

So here’s your Java Action Plan…

Common Bodybuilding Supplement Mistakes That Limit Mass Building

ommon Bodybuilding Supplement Mistakes That Limit Mass Building

Using bodybuilding supplements properly seems to be a big mystery for many people that are working toward a mass building goal, even for those bodybuilders that are very experienced. With all the hype that surrounds bodybuilding supplements, its very easy to become confused about which ones actually work, which supplements to buy, and what products are scams.  Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of using supplementation is that many trainers don’t understand how to time the intake of supplements in order to get the best mass building results.

Men — This Flower May Be Lowering Your Testosterone

Men - This Flower May Be Lowering Your Testosterone

Men — there’s an unseen danger that may be preying on your manhood and you’re not even aware of it.

In fact, it may be hiding in common products you use every day , such as shampoos, soaps, lotions, and massage oils.

It’s even been used as an aromatherapy oil to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches.

It’s lavender… and it may be robbing you of your mojo!

Lavender And Testosterone -
A Bad Combination?

Sure it smells nice. But recent studies have shown that topical use of lavender oil may have an adverse effect on the testosterone levels of men and even lead to low testosterone syndrome. A 2007 study reported on in the “New England Journal Of Medicine” uncovered the negative effects of lavender oil as an endocrine disruptor.  Endocrine disruptors are compounds that interfere with the normal production and management of your body’s hormones, including the male hormone, testosterone, and the female hormone, estrogen.  Specifically, the study found that lavender oil decreased testosterone and increased estrogen in men — a real threat to men who could develop female-​​like attributes like what’s often called “man-​​boobs” or “moobs”

The “Dead Man’s 10 Seconds”

I’m a strong advocate that you should own a firearm to protect yourself, your family, and your home from a home invasion.

If you’re new to guns, however, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a dizzying array of choices available in firearms.

This is true even if you live in one of the states that has recently cracked down on gun ownership.

There are a lot of handguns and even shotguns and rifles (what we would call “long guns”) on the market.

When you’re choosing a firearm, one of the factors you’ll likely consider will be the power of that weapon to stop someone who is attacking you.

But what is power, exactly… and is there a difference between stopping power and killing power when choosing the best weapon for home defense?

Weirdest “Knockout Move” Ever For Self Defense!

  • June 13, 2013
  • Self Defense
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I know that when you think “knockout”, you’re envisioning some sort of punch or blow to someone’s coconut, right? Well what if I told you that you could actually knock someone out with a simple “ankle stomp”? Think about how powerful this could make you?

Imagine that even a 300lb prison thug would crumple like a ragdoll with just this one simple move you can master right now! Don’t believe me?

Here’s how to do it…

Make Your Own Protein Bars

  • June 13, 2013
  • Bodybuilding
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Make Your Own Protein Bars

I used to be addicted to protein bars!

In order to build muscle, I was chowing down on about 2–3 bars a day thinking they were good for me just because they were called “Protein Bars”…

But, the problem was that commercial Protein Bars are more than often LOADED with sugar, and cost on average $3 — $5 a bar…

Then a friend of mine gave me a muscle-​​building recipe book with the perfect homemade protein bar — one that has all the good stuff and none of the bad.

Why Bodyweight Exercises Rule!

  • June 11, 2013
  • Bodybuilding
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Why Bodyweight Exercises Rule!

Go to any gym and what do you see?

Bodybuilding and fitness equipment fills every square inch that’s not already occupied with sweaty bodies.

But do you really need all this equipment to sculpt, tone, and carve you into body perfection?

In my opinion, the absolute best bodybuilding equipment you could ever use for building muscle and burning fat at the same time is your own body!

In fact, using a military-​​style bodyweight exercise program, you can create better results than the fanciest bodybuilding equipment on the market could ever provide.

Untold Stories Of Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

  • June 11, 2013
  • Self Defense
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Many people have tuned into the news of the recent tornado tragedy in Moore, OK.

Of course, it’s always easier to learn from other people’s mistakes… but few often look at these disasters through the eyes of “what if it were me?”

Even then, there are often “hidden stories” that few people (or even news agencies) pick up on that could be good lessons for us.

In fact, I wonder if any of you picked up on this…

The Best Bodybuilding Supplements to Build Muscle When You Sleep

The Best Bodybuilding Supplements to Build Muscle When You Sleep

You do not build muscle while you are exercising in a fitness center. The body builds muscle soon after you workout once it can get over your workout routines, using power and size in order to deal with the additional intensity. Typically the ideal time the body has for the purpose of recovery as well as muscle development is actually as you sleep. Using the best bodybuilding supplements at night will certainly actually assist you to develop more muscle whilst you sleep.

Home Invasion Survival: The Home Invader Mind-​​Set

Let’s face it…we aren’t nearly as trusting in society as we once were, are we?

Behaviors that were once commonplace, indicating a much greater level of comfort with what we thought was a safe and civilized society, have changed to reflect more fear, more prudent caution, and even more paranoia.

We keep a much closer eye on our kids, for fear that some pervert will snatch them.

We’re nervous in parking garages.

We lock our doors at night.

We’re suspicious of the knock at the door.

And with good reason…

The average citizen is easy pickings for the predatory class of criminals categorized as “home invaders”.

How to Become “Invisible” in a Riot

Of course you’re smart enough to avoid dangerous areas prone to a riot, right?

But the very nature of social chaos reveals that riots can occur at a moment’s notice and have been known to occur in such common scenarios as:

  • Sports team championship loss
  • Bad court decision like LA “Rodney King” riots
  • Flash mobs like 2011’s Milwaukee State Fair attack

These very events have led to severe injury and even death where there was once a peaceful environment.

If you find yourself caught in a riot, one of the things you want to make sure of is that you don’t draw attention to yourself.

How to Choose a Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense

While you may be a crack shot down at the range with the bright lights and nice stationary paper target, you must understand this…

… most shootings will occur in low-​​light settings and while you (and/​or your attacker) are moving.

This is important to know because I’ve been noticing more and more stories in the news of late night home invasions.

In low-​​light, you have the added challenge of identifying your target and then making a shoot — don’t shoot decision.

(You wouldn’t want to find out that bump in the night was just your teenager sneaking in through the window after losing the house key, right?)

This is where a good quality tactical flashlight comes in handy.

So what type of light do you need?

Little Known Hardgainer Supplement to Build Muscle

Little Known Hardgainer Supplement To Build Muscle

Are you struggling to gain any kind of size?

Are you just another SKINNY dude busting a gut lifting tiny weights in the gym?

Think your genetics SUCK?

I know that feeling all too well!

Well here’s something that can really help prime your body for fast muscle growth…

Hockey Dad Killer — Lessons Learned for Self Defense

You may remember this heartbreaking news story…

In 2000, 42 y.o. Thomas Junta took his 11 y.o. son to hockey practice.

The coach wasn’t controlling the rough play on the ice and when Junta saw his young son get elbowed in the face, he yelled at the coach to calm the kids down.

The coach didn’t like that.

“That’s hockey!” was his reply.

The fuming Junta left the rink to regain composure but came back in to round up his son and his friends to take them home.

When he did, the coach reportedly physically attacked him, even though Junta far outweighed him.

Junta defended himself and punched the coach 3 times in “self-​​defense”.

Tactical Firearms Training: Airsoft Carjacking Drill

  • November 13, 2012
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Many firearms training courses use airsoft guns to help with their firearm training exercises because they are a realistic option. These guns offer some realism and they help people in the scenarios stay in the mindset that they are carrying a weapon. With this force on force education, you have the chance to be putted against a real live person and have the chance to use a weapon in the same manner as a firearm for defense. However, there training is limited indoors and until you are faced with the public. Because of this, it is important to learn how to conduct the carjacking defense in a realistic manner, while in public.

Tactical Firearms Training: Airsoft Home Defense Drill

  • November 9, 2012
  • Self Defense
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When you are using airsoft guns as part of your firearms training, you need to be sure that you create real scenarios. Realistic drills like a home invasion would be a good way for you to ensure that trainees understand how to use their guns properly in a matter of moments. Here is a way you can practice home defense in the home should danger arise, without using a real firearm.

Home Invasion: Setting Up the Training

Begin with a stopwatch and situate yourself in your living room setting and turn on the television. Keep your airsoft gun in a location where you would potentially keep your own firearm, such as a drawer or a nightstand. Now with your partner, you will begin a home invasion scenario. Begin by having them knock on the door and then enter your home in a manner that would be unpredictable. Students should be encouraged to enter through different doors to keep others on their toes and to simulate an intruder that you will help to improve the actual home defense experience.

Tactical Airsoft Training: Making Your Firearms Training Realistic

Most professionals who use airsoft guns will generally acknowledge there are some concerns when it comes to tactical firearms training. The reason is that these gun alternatives don’t have the same feeling that most firearms have. In fact, there are some models that only have controls that are simulated. With this, the cheaper airsoft guns are going to have fewer of the same features and will be far more fragile than traditional firearms. This can even carry over to some of the high end metallic options on the market. As you may know, they don’t have the recoil or same level of noise that you get from firearms training. So how does a person best prepare themselves for a realistic experience, with the use of alternative weapons?

Tactical Firearms Training: Choosing an Airsoft Gun

When you are looking for the best tools for your tactical firearm training, you’ll find that top choice isn’t a firearm, but an airsoft gun instead. Airsoft guns are a cheaper solution as they do cost less for the students to use them, while providing students with the same education as a standard firearms training. Certainly, their controls are different from standard weapons, but they are licensed by the manufacturers of these weapons to give the same experience. On the market, you will find everything from gas powered to spring powered solutions and even automatic airsoft assault weapons. With all these options, what should you be looking for in these guns to provide you with the best firearms training?