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The Self Defense Company’s Protector Program: CSI

The Protector: Citizen Support Initiative

The perfect self-​​contained self-​​defense and readiness program for anyone who wishes to be prepared to take care of themselves and others when threatened with physical violence!

Damian Ross has done it again! For those of you who are familiar with Mr. Ross’ Self Defense Training System Combatives program you know how efficient and effective that program is. Now, there is a new system based on the Police Combatives program from the Self Defense Company, but this program is for civilians who want to help their community and themselves!

Kendo: The Way of the Sword

Kendo is a very popular martial art involving the practitioners using simulated swords which are called shinais, to battle each other in matches which are meant to replicate an actual sword fight between Samurai warriors.

However, there is much more going on during practice than meets the eye. Kendo teaches discipline, coordination, balance, focus, and self-​​enlightenment. These skills are useful in the modern day world we live in.

Southard Combat System: Reality Based Self Defense!

Tony Southard is a unique man. He has been a full contact professional fighter, a bodyguard for celebrities, a martial arts instructor, a police instructor, a military instructor, a Karate Grandmaster, and a chaplain! This North Carolina based martial arts expert and trainer is a man you should know. Many law enforcement officers, police recruits, and military operators already know Mr. Southard very well. He frequently teaches the local police and military personnel.

The Defender: A Covert Defensive Tool

Don’t let the small size fool you; this little tool can help you out of a jam!

I recently had the opportunity to learn how to effectively use this device at a training conference I was teaching at and now I am in the process of becoming a certified instructor in the use of it. I plan on teaching my police officers and martial arts students how to use this strange looking object to defend themselves, and in the case of my fellow police officers, to control the bad guy so that he can go to jail!

SIRT Pistols: 21st Century Reality Based Firearms Training

SIRT Pistols: 21st Century Reality Based Firearms Training

Want to take your firearms training up a notch? What about your reality based self-​​defense training? Well, here is the way to do it. SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) pistols are the ONLY readily available and affordable training devices which allow for immediate visual feedback to the user allowing for immediate self-​​correction.

Martial Arts Books: Fact or Fiction?

This story might be a work of Fiction but this author, and his impressive background, are Fact!

I happen to be an avid reader of martial arts and combat related books. I enjoy both technical books containing information of how to perform certain techniques but I also enjoy martial arts and related novels and books of fictional stories and characters. I especially enjoy those books that describe police or law enforcement officers who are involved in stories where martial arts play a strong role in the theme and storyline.

The Hall of Honors: A Premier Martial Arts Event in Florida!

Do not miss this unique and affordable training opportunity in Miramar Beach, Florida on September 21–22, 2012!

Well, those of you located in or around the Great State of Florida have a valuable opportunity approaching. Emerald Coast Martial Arts and Shinja Martial Arts University are sponsoring the Second Annual Hall of Honors Martial Arts Conference and Seminar!

Martial Arts from around the Globe: The Vikings’ Method of Combat

Glima: The Vikings’ Forgotten Art

Everyone has heard of the Vikings but who has heard of Glima?

Glima is an ancient form of unarmed Viking wrestling that was a very effective form of combat in the 8th through 11th centuries. Vikings used all sorts of weaponry such as swords, axes, knives, and other items but they also had a structured form of unarmed combatives. The word “Glima” means “A Flash,” and it is also an Old Norse expression meaning “To Fight.” Currently, Glima is still practiced, most commonly in Iceland, in spite of its larger origins throughout old Scandinavia.

The Best Police Defensive Tactics and Combatives Program!

Which program, system, or style of law enforcement armed and unarmed combatives or defensive tactics is the best? Ask any martial arts instructor, police instructor, or military instructor, OR any student of any of the systems out there and you will receive a different answer. I will tell you which is the best at the end of this article.

There are so many who think that there is “one way”, “a way,” “their way,” that is the “ONLY way!” This is not pragmatically possible, nor is it philosophically possible. Even in mathematics there can be different methods to solve the equation (although the correct answer will be the same); mathematics is a hard physical science. Combat is not so scientific and has different “solutions” that all work. We only wish the solution was that simple that “One way” would always save our lives.

Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives System ™

An Effective and Efficient Method of Self-​​Defense for the Professional Warrior 

Damian Ross gets it. If there was ever an instructor who knows what works and what does not work, he is the man. He is the president of the Self Defense Company ™ and creator of the Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives ™ system as well as the Self Defense Company’s Training System Combatives ™ program.

I have been training since 1974, in a myriad of martial arts and defensive tactics systems. I have been a Police Defensive Tactics instructor since 1995. I have taught martial arts since 1989. I can tell when a system has what it takes to keep you alive and when it is strictly for sport, for show, or simply for profit. The Self Defense Company’s Guardian Defensive tactics Police Combatives ™ program is the real deal!

Remington’s New Nitro Mag ™ 887: An Alternative to Imported Tactical Shotguns

Remington Arms has a long history of manufacturing shotguns for law enforcement and military applications but until recently the most popular model, the Remington 870 12 gauge pump-​​action shotgun, was a converted hunting shotgun with a shorter barrel and a few tactical upgrades. Now, please do not misunderstand me, the 870 is a fine shotgun that is highly reliable and will last a lifetime, even in unforgiving environments. I have owned a Remington 870 shotgun, which I have used for police patrol and tactical duties, for over 25 years. I have also been a Remington armorer since 1995; therefore, I am very familiar with, and fond of, Remington shotguns, especially the 870.

A True American Police Hero: Lieutenant John C. Enger: Police Commander (Retired)

A True American Police Hero: Lieutenant John C. Enger: Police Commander (Retired)

John Enger is a warrior. He is a mentor. He is a police officer. He is a martial arts instructor. He is worthy of recognition. When discussing the warrior and survival mindset, it helps to discuss examples of warriors and law enforcement officers who should be emulated. Lieutenant John Enger is one of those people.

John Enger had a long and successful career in law enforcement in the Great State of Minnesota. He served as a police officer for the University of Minnesota Police Department for a period of 22 years, retiring in 1997 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was assigned to patrol, training, and ultimately a command staff position.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…The VALOR Project

To have peace, prepare for war…

 In Valor there is hope…

 No person should seek violence, but as a police officer you must prepare for it. As a police officer on America’s streets there are many risks that you face. Not only shootings, stabbings, and physical attacks, but car crashes and other accidents that might occur during any tour of duty.

Research into law enforcement specific medicine is still limited but one organization that is making headway into this unique area of trauma care is The VALOR (Violence Against Law Officer Research) Project headed by Dr. Matt Sztajnkrycer, M.D., Ph.D., who serves as the Medical Director of the Rochester, Minnesota Police Department, and the Medical Director of the Rochester/​Olmstead County Emergency Response Unit. “Dr. Matt” is not only an experienced trauma physician doctor but also an experienced researcher. That combination, as well as his knowledge of law enforcement related injuries, provides the perfect combination for him to oversee his organization, The VALOR Project.

Gracie Combatives and Gracie Survival Tactics

Gracie Combatives and Gracie Survival Tactics: A Gracie University Training Program that will help any Martial Artist become a more complete fighter!

Ground defensive techniques are a must to properly defend yourself as a police operator due to the number of people studying ground based jiu-​​jitsu systems. Finding the time and/​or school to attend can be a real problem. Now, thanks to Ryron and Rener Gracie (head instructors at Gracie Academy), there is a cost effective and practical solution. Anyone can now study the world famous Gracie Jiu-​​Jitsu system at


Police Fitness: Beyond the Academy

Fitness can be a dirty word in the world of law enforcement. For years, some police officers let themselves become fat and lazy while their counterparts in military operations maintained a level of fitness that was required for the job. There have been improvements in the attitude towards fitness that police display. Donuts, coffee, and cigarettes, have given way to bagels, bottled water, and protein shakes. In the “Academy” physical training was a regular, if not a daily, event. Then once “On the Job” for a period of time, fitness went out the window due to shift work, poor diets, and other obligations.

Police Operations Combatives Program

POC-​​P Police Operations Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives: One Method of Defensive Tactics and Self-​​Rescue

There are a wide variety of combatives programs, police defensive tactics programs, and martial arts systems out there for the operator to choose from. The priorities might change after you survive the initial attack, regardless of what the attack might be; firearm, edged weapon, impact weapon, or empty hands. Military operators might keep moving after engaging the enemy and police might have to take cover, standby, and take the combatant into custody for criminal prosecution. Regardless of what step two is, you must complete step one and mitigate the attack presented towards you. The POC-​​P Police Operations (or Officer) Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives offers one option to succeed in step one and step two.

The National College of Martial Arts International

The National College of Martial Arts International: A Brotherhood and Sisterhood of True Martial Artists

There are many choices in martial arts organizations. Some are legitimate and some are not. The National College of Martial Arts International founded by Hanshi Lou Angel (10th Dan Black Belt), is one of those professional and legitimate organizations. Founded in 1989, it offers everything a student, or teacher, of the martial arts needs. Although focusing on traditional arts, I have found Hanshi Angel to be very open-​​minded when it comes to non-​​traditional combatives styles. Hanshi has a vast amount of knowledge of all styles and systems of martial arts and can easily determine skill level or appropriate rank.

Hanshi Angel is a true warrior who was trained in Japan and then used his combat skills as a Marine and as a police officer. Hanshi trained under the founder of Goju-​​Ryu, Gogen “The Cat” Yamaguchi. Originally from New York, Hanshi Angel moved to the Mid-​​west after discovering a need for a good martial arts school there. Ever since, he has run schools as well as the National College.

How to be a Samurai Cop: The Bushido Code on America’s Streets

Muscle Growth

One thing about being a member of the police service is that ethical, as well as legal, issues always come up involving the use of force. What is reasonable and what is not reasonable force? That is the question officers face daily. The levels of force options are well defined yet ambiguous at the same time.

The Bushido Code can help solve this dilemma.

Those in the military who wish to become non-​​military law enforcement officers must redefine their “Rules of Engagement” to comply with what applies to daily life as a street cop in the United States.