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Smash the Face — Destroy them with Elbows — Self-​​Defense Technique

You might not want to hurt another human being, but sometimes you are left with no choice…

If an attacker becomes aggressive towards you, your family or your friends, then they leave you with no choice but to get physical!

In this self defense video, I am going to show you the very effective elbow strikes from face smash technique. This self defense technique takes NO PRISIONERS, and can quickly leave an attacker on the floor wondering what just hit him.

Intense Martial Arts Workout — Gain Strength for Martial Arts

If you practice martial arts, one thing you should always be doing is improving your strength, stamina and endurance. When it comes to a fight, this can be the DIFFERENCE between winning or losing.

In this martial arts workout video, I will show you a crazy martial arts workout that takes things to a whole new level. This is definitely one of my favorite strength and training workouts for martial arts.

Wrestling for Self-​​Defense: The Snatch Single Takedown

It works in the MMA cage, but is the single leg takedown effective on the street?

In this self defense video, Gary and myself (Matt) will teach you one of the most aggressive and effective ways to put a street attacker on his back and then quickly transition to the mount where you can end the fight. This move is great for bigger guys who lack speed and agility.

The MMA & Self-​​Defense Guard — the Hold Down Position

The hold down position is the one most effective bottom guard positions to be in; whether it is a MMA fight or a Self-​​Defense situation.The hold down position allows you to to control your opponent’s posture, body position, and easily transition to a variety of submissions (if MMA), joint breaks (if Self-​​Defense) or get back to your feet.

The man demonstrating in these is 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-​​Jitsu Black Belt, American Top Team MMA Trainer and MOST importantly my jiu-​​jitsu teacher: Luigi Mondelli.

These videos go over the basics of securing the hold down position, as well as 2 simple submissions and finally how to get up from the position.

Ground Fighting Self-​​Defense Techniques

Almost all altercations will eventually go to the ground. This hold true whether you are in a street, military or law enforcement fighting scenario.

There are many ways the fight can end up on the ground. You could execute a throw or takedown, the attacker could bring you to the ground, one of the combatants could trip, one could be stunned and fall, etc. When you get to the ground, it is imperative to recognize that this is a dangerous place and situation. Spending too much time on the ground opens you up for other attacks. Also, the more time you spend there, the more time your attacker has time to capitalize on the situation as well. If you are in the military you always need to be aware of what other weapons may be available to your opponent during the fight. They may have lost their rifle, but still have access to their sidearm if they are able to create distance to shoot. This holds true with civilian or law enforcement scenarios as well. There is always a chance that your opponent maybe carrying a concealed weapon or use a weapon of opportunity during the fight. Because of the heightened risk associated with ground combat, you need to end the situation quickly. The benefit of learning ground fighting techniques is that most attackers are not familiar with ground fighting tactics and make common mistakes which can be easily capitalized on and allow you to finish off your attacker.

Front Choke Defense Against a Wall

When I see a martial arts techniques that talk about “Front Choke Defense” I mostly scream BULLLLSHIIITTT!!!

Step 1 — Slap your opponents arms with a dragonball fist
Step 2 — Strike nerve center X78C2 to temporarily blind your attacker
Step 3 — Twist their nipple into compliance.

Lets be honest — the front choke is really not an effective attack, NO ONE is just going to grab your throat and start choking you on the street. It doesn’t make sense and all you have to do is turn your head to escape.

MMA Ground and Pound for Self-​​Defense

Ground striking is something that most of us think is “easy” or is a “no-​​brainer”. The fact of the matter is that striking on ground, is actually a lot harder then you think — especially if you have an opponent who is strong, can keep you down, and control your motions.

The ability to strike on the ground is something that MMA fighters do very well. Reality-​​Based Martial Arts and MMA have more similarities then they would both like to admit. The both use very similar techniques, yet change the mindset to work for the situation that they are in. That is why I personally train both in sport fighting and reality based self-​​defense. When training for sport I am honing my skills, teaching myself natural reactions and learning to deal with fear, aggression, and adrenaline. Training in sport allows us to progress in our martial art. But — I also train specifically for self-​​defense. I do many drills, scenarios, and specific training that relates to real self-​​defense.

Front Choke Defense — Spear Hand to Throat

The front choke is a common attack used to either threaten or seriously harm a victim. When it is most common is when used to pin a victim against a wall, car, etc. It is also a common ground fighting attack. This particular response: The Spearhand, found in the H2H Combat System, can be used standing or on the ground to create an opening for more techniques. It causes an extreme pain response, but not a disabling response. It can be used as an opening to either get away or QUICKLY follow up with other attacks.

Crashing Technique Against Punches

Most martial artist think of blocking punches as either some “Daniel-​​Son” type of karate block or possibly fighting like a boxer who slips and parries to avoid punches. But the most natural human reaction to being punched is to put our hands up over our face and cover our head. This is actually not a bad approach to defending ourselves; but the technique of it actually needs to be tweaked a little bit.

One of the techniques we work the in the H2H Self-​​Defense System is called the crashing technique. The crashing technique is the act of strategically covering our head and vital targets and then crashing into our opponent. This self-​​defense technique does a variety of things.

Self-​​Defense Against a Wall

It’s rare to be involved in a fight where a walls, fences, cars, poles… cages are not involved. I can rarely think of a real fight that I have seen (whether on video or in person) where the fighters have not had hard objects around them. Yet sometimes in our training, we ignore the important value of fighting against a wall (I’ll use wall as a blanket term for all of the previously mentioned hard objects). Most of us martial artists train in an open environment where the wall is not used, not trained against, and is not taken into the equation of real combat training.

Luckily for myself and those who have trained in the H2H Combat System over the years — the wall has become a very important part of our training. Personally, I use the wall extensively in my training. One of favorite training environments was in my instructors home built dojo. It was a shed that was converted into a traditional Japanese Ju-​​Jitsu dojo in his backyard. It could fit about 12 adults. The walls were re-​​enforced and when we sparred, the walls were ALWAYS used. We would pin each other against the wall, do takedowns against the wall, use it to our advantage to get up, or to keep a stronger opponent down.