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NikkiFitness is a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, writer and publicist living in New York City. She started as a cheerleader at Syracuse University, but became certified in fitness before her beach wedding so that she could get back in shape. Laura, a graduate student, working mom, and military wife, inspired Nikki's Military Wife Workout (MWW) for all military wives. Find more articles by Nikki at her Military Fitness Center archive. Learn more at

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Four Free, Quick, Fit Videos For Office, Average (GI) Joes, Moms-​​to-​​Be, and Yogis!

I’ve been busy — putting together lots of free and quick (and fun) workout videos for you and your whole family. Click on these free, super-​​quick workout videos I did for KnowMore​.TV for the best exercises to work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pecs, glutes, thighs, low abs, obliques, quads and calves and stretch it all out. Some you can even do at your desk with exercise bands or tubing!

Improve The Move — Treadmill Edition


Sometimes winter is just too cold to workout outside, so instead of skipping it, sweat in the warmth– inside on the treadmill!

Too boring, you say? I have the antidode: “Improve the Move” with action on the machine. Print out this “running map,” and follow along. The bonus: changing it up makes the time fly and the calories fly away!

Red Carpet Workout: Oscar-​​worthy Arms Succeed with Failure on the Last Rep


Oscar time means body critiques of red carpet stars. Many people now start to focus on their fitness routines geared to their own red carpet moments, a big birthday or wedding perhaps? To get inspiration from these Oscar bodies and a start on your big event, I put together some moves where you test your arm muscles to the extreme, doing three back-​​to-​​back sets for each muscle group — going from heavy, to medium, to light weights. This is one time when FAILURE is a good thing! You want to work with weights and reps that leave you thinking you just can’t do one more.

Improve the Mood: The Winter Workout for Seasonal Affective Disorder


This never-​​ending winter bringing you down? The slush, snow, ice and frigid temps make it tough to continue New Year Resolutions, and might even be an energy drain. If you are feeling tired, depressed, lazy and have the Winter Blues, I have the antidote!

Improve the Move: Burpees and Push-​​ups


If I had to pick just one cardio move as my favorite for all its benefits, it would be the burpee. If I had to pick one muscle sculpting move, it would be the push-​​up. If you love these moves, but want to give them a multitasking makeover, read on!

Improve the Move: StairMaster Workouts!

Improve the Move: StairMaster Workouts

Love climbing the stairway to a heavenly butt? Want to go from the couch to Kilimanjaro?

Here’s the deal…The StairMaster is a gym gem. When the resolution gym-​​goers are clogging up the ellipticals and treadmills, don’t fret, you can get a kick booty workout with this instead!! It’s been the toughest machine in the gym for 30 years and now you can try the at-​​home smaller version– the SM3 now! It’s great for getting in a quiet cardio workout (rather than pounding on the treadmill) if you have a sleeping child or neighbors nearby.

Whether you are just trying it for the firsts time, or have used it before, here are some ways to improve the move while doing a stair climbing workout:StairMaster dos and don’ts.

Exercise Essentials for the New Year

Exercise Essentials for the New Year

As far as workout advice goes,  are fads and trends, and then there are tried and true trainer tips to Maximize your workout. My Exercise Essentials for 2014 are proven techniques that are here to stay. Incorporate them into your New Year’s Resolution Workouts to hit your goals.

Segment here!

Gratitude Yoga Flow

Gratitude Yoga Flow

Tone Wings, Thighs and Six Pack

Want to keep those Thanksgiving feelings of gratitude into the December holidays while revving up your fitness resolution early? Try my no-​​equipment Slimnastics  gratitude yoga flow that tones your wings, thighs and 6-​​pack too. (Get the FULL workout from my Slimnastics book and DVD – you can do it anywhere holiday travel takes you!)

Focus-​​Taking a moment to breathe deeply will allow you to focus on thankfulness, one breath with one movement, inhaling gratitude, exhaling a smile. Do a few sun salutations for a warm up, then follow this flow 5–8 times per leg, alternating each side. While in warrior III, focus on gratitude for strong legs, in chaturanga, focus on gratitude for arms that work and can hold you up, engage your abs to lift hips into down dog. In down dog, remember that if the world turns upside down, it offers contrast and another view. Down dog is also anti-​​aging and works your upper back while perfecting your posture. Give thanks for your age, and all you’ve learned. Your good health and all the loving people who have come into your life.

Pre-​​Thanksgiving Improve the Move: Squats and Planks

Pre-Thanksgiving Improve the Move: Squats and Planks

Want to work your Wings and Thighs before Thanksgiving? I’ll even add in a six pack for the football games!

Here’s how — take your favorite old-​​school, go-​​to moves like the squat and the plank, and give them a fitness makeover mu adding multitasking muscle moves that work your whole body at the same time!

Improve the Move by Watching these free video demos.

10 Fitness Habits to Kick for a Kick Butt Workout

10 Fitness Habits to Kick for a Kick Butt Workout

I see lots of no-​​nos around the gym and hear about them with my personal training clients and twitter followers. Sometime, you don’t realize you might be getting in your own way. Reach your fitness goals faster by ditching these not-​​so-​​good moves:

1 — My biggest thing– if you can read, your workout isn’t hard enough. Ditch that magazine or book and sweat like crazy to your favorite tunes. If you love a story, get an audiobook. Don’t dilly dally. Kill it. Sweat is fat crying. Work “Harder, better, faster, stronger” -(my favorite fitness song.)

2 — Shorter and more intense. People looking to lose weight or maintain a fitness routine sometimes rely on long runs/​bikes/​eliptical machines at a  steady state. Cardio is great but you’ll burn more if you add intense intervals and shorten your time. Better yet, multitask your cardio workouts but doing plyometrics, cardio sculpt classes and videos, and do weight training circuits with your cardio.

Improve the Move: Lunges

Improve the move: Lunges

Are lunges your favorite move?






Fall NikkiFitness Faves: Product Review for a Better You


Each season I try the hottest new products to review. Some not so good, some fantastic. Check out my top 5 items that made the cut for Fall 2013 NikkiFitness Faves!

1. StairMaster’s New At Home Machine – StepMill3

A Step Up From Treadmills: I am a huge running fan, and I also cross train with plyometrics and cardio sculpting class. I found a way to do both – at home when its raining or snowing, or just to cold to hit the trail or the gym. For nearly 30 years, the StairMaster StepMill has been called the toughest workout in the gym, but they never had a home-​​sized machine. Now, the new StepMill 3 is compact. It’s small footprint takes up less room than other cardio machines and moves easily on built-​​in wheels.

Improve the Move

Improve the Move

Do you have a favorite fitness move? Something you add to almost every workout?

Lots of people love squat, lunges, plies, planks, crunches, jumping jacks and burpees and do them almost automatically, without much consideration of how to improve the move, and reach past their fitness plateaus.

Recently, I went on Fox & Friends to give your favorite fitness move a “Multitasking Makeover” by adding arms/​abs/​balance challenges/​weights or cardio plyometrics. Check out the video or follow the instructions below. For more moves, follow me on twitter and facebook @NikkiFitness where I update with an #ImproveTheMove #Moveoftheday each day. My Improve The Move book and DVD will launch in 2014.

Football Fitness Drills

Football Fitness Drills

Our Bodies are “ready for some football” now that summer vacations are over! We drafted fantasy teams and now it’s time the get a fantasy body, the way the players do. Here’s a video segment I did on Fox &

Friends during the real NFL draft with plyometric muscle and cardio moves like:

–Touchdown Jacks
–Booty Ball Biceps
–Block Kick
–The Line of Scrimmage

Try these football themed routines now that the season is about to start, and kickstart your muscle burn!

Strength for Self Defense

Strength for Self Defense

People work out to be slim, sexy, healthy and built, but what about working out to survive? I always tell personal training clients and group fitness class participants that we do push-​​ups so that we have the strength to push someone or something off of us in case of danger; that we run and perform cardio intervals so we can sprint away from any situation.

This week I had the chance to see fitness strength combine with self defense techniques when former WWE Diva Champ turned self defense expert, Eve Torres, visited a gym in New York. I had taken other self defense classes in the past, and they involved a lot of eyeball, adam’s apple and groin strikes. This class was different.

Eve is one of the stars of Investigation Discovery’s new show Surviving Evil debuting Wednesday, August 28th, 10/​9c. In anticipation of showing the world how ordinary people survived extraordinarily evil situations, Torres taught several free survival classes at New York Sports Club (NYSC).

Traffic Workout: Objects in Mirror Will be Slimmer Than They Appear

Traffic Workout: Objects in Mirror Will be Slimmer Than They Appear

We hit traffic more than we hit the gym sometimes, so why not get a little workout with these 6 moves while sitting still behind the wheel? Whether on your way to work, or heading on vacation, this traffic workout will at least get your blood flowing, provide a stretch, and burn a few calories instead of wasting time.

Trainer’s tip: for safety, do these only in stand-​​still traffic, not while moving at a slow rate. You need to pay attention to the road first and foremost! You can also do this while waiting for your family to finish up at the rest stop! You can also do many of these moves as a passenger or on a flight using your tray. For a more intense travel workout, download the NikkiFitness Fit Travel Workout video (Amazon.)

Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body

Slimnastics Yoga Flow

We’re all guilty of succumbing to our food desires, especially when it’s a holiday. Maybe you felt like having ‘just one more’ margarita, hot dog, brownie—or whatever unhealthy pleasure was calling your name. Sure, you only live once, but it’s important to give your body a rest from the junk-​​fest.

Luckily it’s a new day, and you can drink green tea, eat like a vegan, and do detox yoga poses to get yourself back on track! Here are four of my favorite yoga twist poses that I add to my Slimnastics Yoga Flow routines whenever I’ve been naughty. They’ll wring out your organs and intestines to promote digestion and toxin removal and help cleanse your body (and soul).

Armed for Summer

Armed for Summer

To get in shape for summer, everyone focuses on booty and abs… now that summer is halfway over, it’s time to re-​​focus, on those arms.

Triceps are a trouble spot for most, so I created a free how-​​to video on KnowMore​.tv so share some of my multitasking toning moves that save time. For the entire workout, check out my Slimnastics video.

Here is a free sample video with 4 moves that men and women can both try, because they ditch the typical French Press and Kickback to get more creative. Sleeveless shirts and dresses are worn more than bathing suits anyway, so get rid of those bat wings and get armed while summer’s still here!

Work Out That Royal Baby Bootie

Work Out That Royal Baby Bootie

The Royal Baby is arrived today, and It’s a boy! By Labor Day, Princess Kate will probably cleared to work out and enjoy a more active life with the tiny tot.

Whether you are expecting, or recently had a baby, here to help you get back in shape are three pre and post-​​natal workout articles and TV segments I did recently: on Live! with Kelly and Michael, KnowMore​.TV, and for Fit Bottomed Mamas.

These all show the moves I did either while pregnant, or after my little personal trainer was born. Once I had a baby, I didn’t want to squeeze my workouts into the few minutes my baby was napping, so I created a workout video with my baby, that YOU can do in 15 minute increments throughout the day with yours. This way, you can save his or her nap-​​time for your naps, showers, cleaning the house, or relaxing and watching coverage of the Royals.

Three Moves for Great Triceps

Three moves for great triceps

Whether you are trying to get rid of un-​​tonned “bat wings” or just looking or well-​​rounded multitasking exercises to tone arms, abs and legs, try these three workouts that take the traditional French Press, Triceps Kick-​​back, and Push-​​up to a whole new level.

I created a free quick video for KnowMore​.TV but you can get the 30 minute workout in my Booty Camp DVD.

You’ll see challenging Triceps Push-​​ups, my “Wings, Thighs and a Six Pack” move and Skull Crushes for arms and glutes.

Add 20 reps of these moves in 3 sets to your summer fitness routine and you won’t be sorry.

Remember…“I wish I didn’t work out today” said no one ever!

Fitness, fit it in! Nikki