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Anti-​​Aging or Injury Recovery: Walking Workout

  • June 12, 2015
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If the thought of workouts make you want to cry, cheer up, because walking might be all the exercise you need to combat obesity, diabetes, perimenopause, menopause, hypothyroidism, and even osteoporosis.

5 May Moves for Muscles Before Memorial Day

  • April 28, 2015
  • Spouse Fitness
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5 May Moves for Muscles Before Memorial Day

My 5 May Moves for getting the beach body before Memorial Day are here! Follow these steps with 5-​​10lb weights and you manage to sculpt your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, upper back, lower back, glutes, inner thighs, calves, quads and abs!

Power Pumpkin Workout


Here’s a fun way to save your body from looking scary this Halloween: before you decorate the jack-​​o-​​lanterns with your family and friends, grab a heavy gourd and use to tone your trouble spots! My new video, the Slimnastics Stability Ball Workout (www​.nikkifitness​.com) was the inspiration for these moves, because you typically use a medicine ball or stability ball to perform them. My 4 year old is the reason we bought the pumpkin in the first place.

Football Fitness Drills

Football Fitness Drills

Our Bodies are “ready for some football” now that summer vacations are over! We drafted fantasy teams and now it’s time the get a fantasy body, the way the players do. Here’s a video segment I did on Fox &

Friends during the real NFL draft with plyometric muscle and cardio moves like:

–Touchdown Jacks
–Booty Ball Biceps
–Block Kick
–The Line of Scrimmage

Try these football themed routines now that the season is about to start, and kickstart your muscle burn!

Move of the Week: How to Get Guns with One Fast Move

How to Get Guns Fast

Multitasking is the way to save time and lifting is the way to sculpted arms. If you don’t have a lot of time, my 6 count combo move will hit your biceps, triceps and shoulders simultaneously! Bonus exercise — adding a squat targets quads and gluteus too! All you need is a pair of weights heavy enough for you to lift 15 times and feel challenged. I use 12 lbs weights.

Here are some photos from a segment I did on WCBS The Couch in NYC.

Sitting is the New Smoking: Office Workout Moves

  • April 19, 2013
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Office Workout Moves

Ever wonder how bad sitting behind a desk all day is for you? Maybe you used to be in the field and now think that your 30 minutes at the gym is enough to combat 8 hours behind a desk? Studies show that you are better off working out at the office several times a day than sitting and then hitting the gym!

Do my suggested office workout several times a day and you will fight that sitting disease.

Best Exercises Muscle by Muscle: Part II

  • February 28, 2013
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Well hey there, I’m back with more of some pretty cool exercises muscle, by muscle. If you missed Part 1, click somewhere in this sentence. If you already read it, you’re one step ahead!

I left you guys not hitting arms and the ever so important core. So we’ll get right into it! Here are my favorite exercises for those pythons hanging from your arms, and that turtle shell you have under your t-​​shirt.

Best Exercises: Muscle by Muscle

  • February 25, 2013
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When it comes time to training, we each have our favorite exercises. You know, you walk into the gym and you’re just like “Yes, I get to do  _​_​_​_​ today!” However, are your favorite exercises the best exercises for you? Are you getting the results you’re looking for with those exercises? I breakdown a bunch of exercises that are not only beneficial for your body, but are also not the same boring stuff you did the last week.  Check out some of my favorite exercises, muscle by muscle, that produce results!

Two Moves to Pack When You Travel

  • January 31, 2013
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Two moves to pack when you travel

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

The cold winter weather might be keeping you home, away from the gym, or sending you out of town, packing for warmer climates. I was recently reviewed by the New York Times about moves for the busy business traveler, but you can do them anywhere, for any travel reason, or just at home in your living room.

The two they featured are (photo attached, curtesy, NY Times):

1) The Incline push-​​up. When feet are higher than the hands, you get a different challenge for those pectorals. Do 5 sets of 20 reps, for 100 a day. View photo.

2) The reverse fly with hydrant. This works the upper back (trapezius and rhomboids), which is the opposing muscle group to the pecs, so they are perfect to do together. Don’t have a weight? Fill a hotel iron with water and that will do for 20 or more reps! The move also targets your abs because you are off balance, and your outer thighs as you lift your opposite leg out to the side. View photo.

Confused on Mixing Pullups /​ Pushups into Program

Pullup Bars

Here is a very commonly asked question about adding calisthenics like pushups, dips, and pullups into a standard weight training program.  The answer is that is can be done but it is not recommended one of the ways it is asked in this question:

“Stew, I am a little confused about adding pullups and pushups into my weight training program.  I mean should I mix them into the days I do upperbody like bench press and pulldowns or should I do them on separate days in between?”

Pump Up with Protein

Gunnery Sgt. Philip Ricardo, an intelligence Marine with SOUTHCOM J2

“We are here to Pump…You Up!”  So said Hanz & Franz in their iconic skit on SNL.  Ok, so maybe the duo isn’t the best representation for pumping iron, sculpting muscle and getting ripped. When it comes to protein, past pump-​​ology has been that more is better and a pantry full of gigantic tubs of whey power are the secret to “perfect pumpitude!”  So, “hear me now and believe me later,”  there’s way more to protein than just whey…protein and more reasons to strength train than to avoid being called a “girly man!”  Ok, are you as ready to get out of the ’80’s as I am?

Unusual “Dual Position” Biceps Exercise

Bicep Workouts

When people ask you “How much can you bench?”, you know you can fudge the number a bit.

But when you’re asked to flex your pipes, those biceps don’t lie.

They’re either big…or they’re not!

Few people know that to really get the bi’s growing, you have to train them effectively and that means hitting them with “dual position” targeting – meaning from both the “stretch” and “contracted” positions – so you can really target all of the biceps’ muscle fibers.

Here’s an unusual biceps exercise you can add to your mass-​​building program that will help you do just that…

Three Moves, One Complete Muscle Workout — Pt. 2

  • April 17, 2012
  • Military Workouts
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Three Moves One Workout

Last week I demonstrated the first of three moves that, when combined together, create a perfectly-​​balanced full body workout. The first move targeted inner thighs, glutes, calves, quads, biceps and shoulders.

The next move (move #2) hits your triceps, outer thighs and abs.

Ten Plank Variations for Perfect Toning

Planking Workouts

Planks are one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest ways to tone your body anywhere you go. They work your abs all over, and if you get creative you can also add glutes, and thighs, triceps, shoulders, upper back and pecs to the list! Here are some of my favorite plank variations (From my Fit Travel Workout) for your next sweat session.

The Toughest Pushup You’ll Ever Love

The best bodyweight exercise for your chest is the pushup. No kidding, right?

Want to get “advanced”?

Elevate your feet on a bench and you’ll make the exercise harder and shift more of the focus to the “trouble spot” of your upper chest.

Still no surprises, right?

Ok, now do this…

The Right to Bare Arms

  • April 4, 2011
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Do you have the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS this summer? Teammates, be honest when you ask yourself this question – will you feel comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt or no shirt at all this summer? If the answer is no – THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Good news – you have time!! But you need to start this month and getting started is easy…real easy…drop down and start pushing Mother Earth. Start now and you’ll be getting high fives and “congrats” by summer!

Secrets of the Pullup Revealed!

The bench press has the reputation of being the one exercise that’s somehow a good tool to measure how much of a “man” you are.

The barbell squat is known as the “king” of all compound exercises in its ability to trigger natural anabolic hormone release and stimulate muscle growth.

But in my opinion, it’s the Pull-​​Up that determines your “intestinal fortitude” when it comes to training to build muscle AND burn fat!

Pull-​​ups: Want to do More – But Man They are Hard!

  • January 5, 2011
  • Military Workouts
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The Pull-​​up is the great equalizer when it comes to hard exercises to master. Questions from how to do more, how to do any, how to ace pull-​​up fitness tests come in all the time. Over the years, we have created and used many workouts (like the ones below) to improve pull-​​ups, but one of the first elements you should consider before doing pull-​​ups is: How much do you weigh?

I had an email the other day from a 30 year old man who is 270 lbs and can do 9–10 pull-​​ups. Naturally, I am impressed because when I put on a 60-​​70lb vest or back pack and try to do pull-​​ups (I weigh 200lbs), I cannot perform but 1–2 pull-​​ups and I can do 25+ NO KIP pull-​​ups on my best day. But, he is not happy with that performance and asks,

“Stew, I can do 9–10 pull-​​ups, but the second set drops to 4–5, and the third set drops to 2–3. Do you have any recommendations to build up my overall numbers as well as my workout sets?”

How to Build Bigger Biceps in 3 Easy Steps

Build Bigger Biceps

Clint Eastwood wouldn’t have been a very intimidating Dirty Harry if all he pulled out was a little .22 caliber pistol to make his point. He knew that to really make the bad guy’s knees shake and the lady’s legs quiver, a .44 Magnum was the weapon of choice?!

So when it comes to bicep development, why should YOU settle for second rate pea-​​shooters when you can pack some REALLY BIG GUNS?

Let’s face it, all men want big biceps. They’re the easiest muscle to show off without getting undressed, women love to wrap their arms around them when walking down the street, and they’re SMALL .

Whoa…I didn’t mean YOURS were small. I simply mean that compared with other muscles of the body, like your chest, back, and legs, your biceps are a relatively small muscle. That’s GOOD NEWS!

The Perfect Bands and Perfect Core Ball

  • October 18, 2010
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Teammates, the Perfect Bands and Perfect Core Ball are available at selected Walmart stores and I’ve already heard from a fellow who wants to take it up a level!! Steven – thanks for your question, and I love the fact that you’re already Fired UP about taking your workout to the next level!

Here are couple of suggestions for the next 21 day workout – I say suggestions, because I’m guessing at what your goals (if you let me know more about what you’re trying to accomplish I can be more specific in my recommendations): you have three options for the next 21 day workout: