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How to Make a “Gas Mask” in a Riot

In a collapse of civil order, a riot can break out in any number of scenarios…

  • A Natural disaster that causes food shortages
  • Political unrest that triggers protests
  • Desperate revolt at food/​water distribution points
  • Looting during a civil breakdown
  • Etc.

Of course you can try to avoid these types of scenarios, but the reality is, you may find yourself thrust into any one of them in the strange, uncertain times we’re currently facing and be forced to know how to survive a collapse.

Prepare for the Aftermath

The one thing that most Reality Based Self Defense practitioners spend the least amount of time training for is the aftermath of a violent encounter. Yet, this is one of the most important skill sets to cultivate in real world personal protection training. There are several major components to for us to condition ourselves for success in. Each component needs to be actually trained in through live action role playing at first and then through adrenaline stress conditioning scenarios second. Intellectual study alone will not surface.