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The Best Police Defensive Tactics and Combatives Program!

Which program, system, or style of law enforcement armed and unarmed combatives or defensive tactics is the best? Ask any martial arts instructor, police instructor, or military instructor, OR any student of any of the systems out there and you will receive a different answer. I will tell you which is the best at the end of this article.

There are so many who think that there is “one way”, “a way,” “their way,” that is the “ONLY way!” This is not pragmatically possible, nor is it philosophically possible. Even in mathematics there can be different methods to solve the equation (although the correct answer will be the same); mathematics is a hard physical science. Combat is not so scientific and has different “solutions” that all work. We only wish the solution was that simple that “One way” would always save our lives.

Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives System ™

  • February 18, 2012
  • Self Defense
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An Effective and Efficient Method of Self-​​Defense for the Professional Warrior 

Damian Ross gets it. If there was ever an instructor who knows what works and what does not work, he is the man. He is the president of the Self Defense Company ™ and creator of the Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives ™ system as well as the Self Defense Company’s Training System Combatives ™ program.

I have been training since 1974, in a myriad of martial arts and defensive tactics systems. I have been a Police Defensive Tactics instructor since 1995. I have taught martial arts since 1989. I can tell when a system has what it takes to keep you alive and when it is strictly for sport, for show, or simply for profit. The Self Defense Company’s Guardian Defensive tactics Police Combatives ™ program is the real deal!

Police Operations Combatives Program

  • November 14, 2011
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POC-​​P Police Operations Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives: One Method of Defensive Tactics and Self-​​Rescue

There are a wide variety of combatives programs, police defensive tactics programs, and martial arts systems out there for the operator to choose from. The priorities might change after you survive the initial attack, regardless of what the attack might be; firearm, edged weapon, impact weapon, or empty hands. Military operators might keep moving after engaging the enemy and police might have to take cover, standby, and take the combatant into custody for criminal prosecution. Regardless of what step two is, you must complete step one and mitigate the attack presented towards you. The POC-​​P Police Operations (or Officer) Combatives Program/​MAC Modern American Combatives offers one option to succeed in step one and step two.