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Sunglasses: the Over“looked” Workout Equipment!

  • June 25, 2015
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Nikki wearing sunglasses

National Sunglasses Day is Saturday, June 27!

Rock and movie stars have the right idea after all! You should be wearing your sunglasses more often, and not just after a rough night out or to hide that you didn’t have time for makeup before school drop off… they should be a critical part of your outdoor workout ensemble!

RockMyRun: Free App to Rock Your Workout World!

  • March 4, 2015
  • Fitness Equipment
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Rock My Run app

This March, you can run to the beat of your own drummer. Literally.

RockMyRun is a fantastic new app that not only blends music to a set workout-​​paced BPM (beats per minute), it also gives you the option of sensing your own beat – how fast your feet like to run, jump or do cardio in general – and pacing the music to your very own speed! (See below for a free offer!)

Turkey Day Workout


Enjoy a fun and effective workout the morning of Thanksgiving whether you are at home or travelling.  Here is one of our training group favorites to burn some calories and not feel horribly guilty for eating most of the day and sitting on your butt watching football.

If you cannot find a place to train or travelling out of town on Thanksgiving, here is a fun one you can do just about anywhere:

- Find a place to do pullups (local playground, monkey bars, park, build your own, use the TRX)

Mix in some running or rucking intervals into a big PT day.  We like to mix in several 1 mile runs so you total 4–5 miles of running mixed with as many rounds of pullups, pushups, abs, squats, lunges as well.

Running More Than You Want To

Top 5 Tips for Proper Running Form

Every so often, I get asked how to train for a long run like a half marathon or marathon.  Many young men and women prefer the accountability of a race and the thrill of competing in runs while preparing for Special Ops professions.  If running is a weakness you must work on in order to succeed in future training programs, preparing for races that are also entertaining can be a great way to turn a weakness into more of a strength.  Though a marathon is not necessary, it does make a great gut-​​check if you can keep from getting injured prior to your training.  Here is an email from a young man who is making the transition from a collegiate power athlete and working on his skills to become a better long distance runner:

Stew, I just finished my senior year of college in AZ and have been trying to get better at running as I am preparing for Army Special Forces.  As you know, this training requires you to run and ruck many miles each week, but I am having issues with keeping my focus during longer runs.  Any suggestions?  Should I try running different locations, races, marathons, different cities, elevation, beach/​desert, trails?  Thanks – Sean.

Workout of the Week #15


Here is a favorite combination workout we like to do once a week during late Summer /​ early Fall.  It is a combination workout of weight training, running, calisthenics, and swimming and/​or rucking.

Full body workout in it’s truest form:

Favorite Workout Week #12

photo (6)

This workout has turned out to be another all-​​time favorite mix of swimming, running, sprinting, crawling, carrying, and calisthenics.  See if you like this 90–120 minute workout mix:

Swim PT  (see video link)

Repeat 5 times 200m swim for time
Burpees for same time it takes to swim 200m

500m Combat Swimmer Stroke (CSS video DESCRIPTION)

Part 2 of the workout:

Run /​ Pt Workout *(best done on a football field /​ track)

Jog 1/​2 mile easy

Repeat 4 times
bear crawl 25m
25m easy jog
50m sprint
25m easy jog

jog 1/​2 mile easy

Repeat 4 times
walking lunges 25m
25m easy jog
50m sprint
25m easy jog

jog 1/​2 mile

Repeat 4 times
fireman carry 25m
25m easy jog
50m sprint
25m easy jog

jog 1/​2 mile

Repeat 4 times
burpee jump 25m
25m easy jog
50m sprint
25m easy jog

jog 1/​2 mile

Check out more of our favorite workouts of the week on the Military​.com Fitness Blog.  Sign up for the newsletters for great up to date information on military news, events, and of course — cool workouts.

Favorite Workout# 10: Last Week

pullupupOk — this workout is no joke and not for beginners.  This is one of our favorite combo circuits where we focus on the following type of exercise groups:  Upper body PUSH, Upper body PULL, Legs, Abs, and Full body Movements.  This one is a mix of a circuit and a max rep set of the pull, push, leg and the full body and abs are done to your wishes.

Pull, Push, Legs, Abs, Fullbody Max Reps Sets exercise circuit:

Max Reps sets of first 3 (Murph Workout*) — then “rest” with abs /​ full body each set:
Pull = pullups 100 reps
Push = pushups 200 rep
Legs = air squats 300 reps
Abs of choice 50
Fullbody exercise of choice:  options dead lift, hang clean, power clean, push press, KB swings, etc…Heavy or light moderate reps sets.  5–10 reps of these fullbody exercises.

Favorite Workout #4: Last Week


This week, we did an all-​​time favorite workout that we have been doing for decades.  It truly is a classic workout and if you are ever in the area where we train, you can join us.  Especially now, as we are cycling out of the weight /​ strength cycle and merging into the running, swimming, higher rep PT cycle to prepare for crushing any fitness test.

Mix TRX with PT, Weights, Kettlebells

  • March 5, 2014
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Every now and then, I get motivated by a workout week that I created.  This week I created a program that is centered around suspension training, but each day has a combination specialty that challenges you in a variety of ways.  You need variety to your workouts, but make sure the workouts you select are still specifically developed so you will still reach your goals.  Whether the goals are weight loss, military service, special ops preparation, or law enforcement, adding suspension training can enhance your overall workout experience.  Below are some fun and challenging sample workouts recently tested by our group:

Drink This Not That!

Photo by Tech. Sgt. Samuel Bendet

Early in the 2013–2014 football season, I had every confidence that I would be watching my beloved Packers play in the Superbowl this Sunday only to see my hopes fade as Aaron Rodgers was out with an injury for several games and, of course, a playoff loss that quickly ended their season.  So, I turned to my runner up, the Patriots, and, yet again, my dreams were dashed as were theirs when they lost to the Broncos.  Undaunted, I pinned my faith to the fast & furious 49ers.  As you can tell, I don’t place any bets on my predictions!  At least my fourth favorite is playing in the Superbowl this year, although, I’d better not say to whom I betroth my allegiance for fear of jinxing the outcome.  The reason for my football rant is seated in what you’ll be doing this Sunday and beyond.  Drinks and snacks will be the norm for Superbowl Sunday and, while it’s okay to share good cheer, you may want to rethink your cocktail concoctions.

What Are You Doing This Year? 2014

What Are You Doing This Year? 2014

Every year — it never fails — many engage to correct all of their wrong-​​doings, unhealthful habits, and other self-​​helping notions in the form of New Year RESOLUTIONS.  “Resolution” is one of the most over-​​used words during the end of December and January each year, but by February it is gone usually along with our energy to better ourselves. So, I recommend instead of making a resolution, set four quarterly goals to help you reach where you want to be next year at this time.  Take a look back at 365 days ago.  Seems like yesterday right?  Why not create a logical goal setting formula that will work for you with a little bit of effort and some good habit building skills?  Where people fail with their resolutions is that they try to fix too much at one time.  Stopping smoking, starting an exercise program, eating healthy foods in an effort to lose weight can be too much to take on all at once.  Try another approach to success.

PT Progression Series #4: Running and PT Mix

PT Progression Series #4: Running and PT Mix

Part four of the PT Progression Series is about adding the final segment of most fitness tests into the calisthenics workouts — RUNNING.  Learning to run at your goal pace is critical for optimal performance and you must practice it so often that it actually becomes “muscle memory” when you run.  You should be able to transition from the the PT section into the running test easily and know by the way you are breathing, swinging your arms, striding how fast you are going.  This takes practice though.

You can make a pyramid out of this one or make it one tough super set but each “rest” period in between sets is a run of a variety of distances.  These type of workouts not only help your body learn how to transition from PT exercises to running, but can also help you in simulating other exercise events like obstacle courses, combat conditioning courses, and other job related challenges.

PT Progression Series #3: Max Rep Sets Workouts

  • July 24, 2013
  • Air Force Fitness
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PT Progression Series #3: Max Rep Sets Workouts

Part three of the PT Progression Series is to build upon a foundation that you have created over the past few months.  Once you have mastered the PT Pyramid and the Super Set and can handle workouts with volume of 100 pullups and 200 pushups, then it is time to test your new found strength.  This workout will increase your muscle stamina and endurance which is really the goal of mastering PT tests.  The Max Rep PT is ideal for those who are stuck in the 10–15 pullup, 70–80 pushups /​ situp range.  In a 5–6 week period of doing this workout just once a week as shown below, most people were in the 20+, 100+, 100+ range on the pullup, pushups, situps tests.  But, like I said earlier, you need a foundation of fitness before trying this workout.

The new goal to achieving the volume of PT reps that you are used to is now to get those numbers in as few sets as possible.  For instance, for our standard 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 situps workout then plan is to get these numbers in max rep sets.  It is recommended to only do this workout once a week but you can combine like this during your week:

Running Tips for “Spring” in Your Step

Running Tips for “Spring” in Your Step

If you’ve been busting your butt on the treadmill over the last few months and need a change of scenery, it’s time to head outdoors and hit the pavement running! Here are a few tips that’ll prep you for the differences and help ease the transition.

Upgrade your running shoes. You don’t want to run on a road in worn out shoes and end up hurting from shin splints. Upgrade your shoes by going to a store where they watch you run. One of my favorites is Fleet Feet. I first discovered them at their Syracuse location and still go back on my trips from NYC. They just suited me up in the new Boost shoe by Adidas. My run feels lighter, which is critical when going from the treadmill to tougher outdoor routes where you deal with different types of terrain and weather patterns.

Train first. Because jogging outdoors is generally more intense than the belt assisted forward motion of the treadmill, you need to train your body to adapt. Instead of jogging 6 miles per hour at an incline of zero, you should reduce your speed and increase your incline. When you bring your speed down to 5.5 and run with an incline of 2–3, it will simulate running outdoors where you’re the one who pushes the ground away under your feet, not the machine.

The A’s of April: Attitude


Tysen Ober is a 23 year old soldier who recently returned from an overseas deployment to Kuwait.  With no job, no school, and no relationship awaiting his return, Tysen knew this was his moment to do something big.  And boy is it big!  Tysen will be running 3,500 miles from California to Maine to raise money for wounded warriors.  His hope is to inspire others to “get out, get active and get involved in giving back to this country.”  His drive and vision inspired me to talk about how far we can all go with the right attitude (see the bottom of this article for ways to support Tysen’s quest).

Questions /​ Answers on Fitness Basics — Things to Consider

Questions and Answers on Fitness Basics

Good questions with answers below…

(1) How long is a workout? Should it be a half-​​hour or a full hour?

Depends on your goals and current fitness level. 30 min is great for a beginner /​ maintenance plan or high intense workout. 60+ min is needed for longer events like marathons, triathlons, spec ops training, but fine for a body building workout. Like I said — all depends…

Mine are usually 2–3 hours long full of calisthenics, running, swimming mix in the summer and shorter with weights and light cardio in the winter — see how

21st Century Nutrition

Morphing Wing

When I was living in Texas, I toured the Johnson Space Center near Houston.  It was remarkable to see that iconic image of the Mission Control Center, NASA’s command center for Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions.  It is a surprisingly tiny room considering the magnitude of the accomplishments of both man and machine over the last 50+ years.  Today, NASA, the US Military and other private organizations continue to innovate.  The image here is an artist’s concept of an adaptive or “morphing” aerospace vehicle that can change their shape in flight to adapt to conditions and enhance flight performance.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could adapt on the fly as well?  We can with the latest nutritional advancements for the 21st century.

A Workout Customized for Your Blood Type!

  • February 25, 2013
  • Military Workouts
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A Workout Customized for Your Blood Type!

Imagine if your doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer all got together with a plan to help you lose weight and de-​​stress.… this dream come true is a brand new workout system just launched that is a customized for your DNA, and it has never been done before.

The blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint, and there is a chemical reaction to food you eat, workouts and your blood.

The Blood Type Workout (www​.bloodtypeworkout​.com) has just launched this month. The kit contains a blood type test, stability ball, sand weights, exercise bands, and at least 3 DVDs for each type A, B, AB, O, and advice from doctors and nutritionists, Dr Joseph Christiano and Dina Khadar who wrote the Blood Type Diet.

I had the pleasure of creating an original workout video for one of the types, I did a walking-​​based cardio workout for one of the type AB DVDs. Here is a segment from Fox & Friends showing some of the moves.

How To Dominate Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Training

  • February 15, 2013
  • Running & Cardio
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sub 2 hour half marathonHalf marathon training consists of much more then running a few miles during the military work week.

You have to truly want it if you are to make waves in your fitness levels.

The military is comprised of some of the brightest minds and fittest individuals in the world.

We aren’t lacking in the initiative department.


We all want success but successful running takes more then wanting.

There are no short cuts in this sport and I know far too many service members are self-​​sabotaging themselves into believing they don’t have what it to takes to run their specific 2-​​mile goal time or 5K to marathon performance goals.

I am here to tell you, you do have what it takes but you had better be willing to make the sacrifice to better your life and your fitness to earn a breakthrough.

The Beat Goes On

Eielson AFB guitar

Did your parents make you take music lessons when you were a kid?  I had to learn to play the piano.  At the time, I considered it sheer torture. Especially since my piano lessons with Mrs. Mauthe included bicycling past the meanest dogs in the neighborhood.  No matter how hard I pedaled, they always seemed to catch up, nipping at my heels and terrorizing me for a full block until I reached my teacher’s driveway.  Then another form of torture ensued…piano lessons!  In spite of my youth-​​filled drama, I decided to give it another go and I’m reteaching myself how to play minus the task-​​master teacher and the crazed canines.  It’s a bit arduous, but there is something calming about a music filled house.  Science seems to agree especially for those dealing with combat related challenges.