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When Smart People do Dumb Things: Brain Vitamins?

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What are the Best Supplement Ingredients for a Healthy Brain?

There are many brain vitamins and supplements which can significantly enhance focus and improve well-​​being. Research is discovering that just like every other part of your body, nutritional support is important for keeping your brain “young-​​like” no matter how many candles are on your cake. Face it, it doesn’t matter how big your biceps are, or how fast you can recover from a 10 mile run, if you can’t find your way home after a workout because of brain fog.

In that past, losing your memory was just an “accepted” part of growing older. Today, science in the lab and in the kitchen is bringing us places in the brain where we haven’t been able to go before.

Concussions and Brain Damage: What do the Military and NFL Have in Common?

  • May 31, 2013
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One thing that the NFL and the military have, besides “love of the game” is the potential for brain trauma. This is certainly not the pretty side of military service, or of playing football, but it happens none-​​the-​​less.

The good news is that because of the budgets, resources, research, science, and investment in gear (and sharing of knowledge) by both industries, soldiers and players may get the tools and care they need to keep healthy long after they hang up their uniforms.
In this article, we’re going to take a look at the issues from the standpoint of the NFL because what we are seeing in the sports arena is spilling onto the battlefield and vice-​​versa.

Military Bootcamp Training Begins with the ASVAB Test: How to get Mentally Sharp

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Before you get the opportunity to do a single pushup or run a single mile in military bootcamp training, you have to pass the ASVAB test. This is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and is given at schools and processing stations across the country.

For some, the mental preparation is more of a workout than P.T. After all, you can’t really see you brain muscle grow when you do several repetitions of study, right? You just have to trust that memorizing all that stuff is going to matter at some point.

So how can you give yourself a mental advantage when you’re studying for the ASVAB test? Well, some studies would suggest that the right dietary supplements that include a dose of Ginseng may help.

CTE: Can Dietary Supplements Prevent or Slow the Effects of Brain Damage?

Military traumatic brain injury 3

Playing a game you love or serving your country with pride can put you in danger of physical injury. You know that going in, right? We do our best to protect ourselves from preventable injuries by wearing armour and helmets. But what about the fall out to our brains from head traumas that cannot be totally avoided?

In sports it’s repeated blows to the head most often associated with football players and boxers; for soldiers it’s the unexpected IUD or other blasts from the field of combat. Sure the helmets will protect you from shrapnel, but what protects you from the initial shock wave and secondary “blast wind” of an IUD?

Military Traumatic Brain Injury: Can Nutritional Support Stop It Before it Happens?

Military traumatic brain injury 3

When you decided to enter the military, you prepared, right? You started running to build cardiovascular health, you started paying attention to what you ate, you started taking dietary supplements to build lean muscle and strengthen your immune system, and you started studying so you could pass the required exams. All of this is good and definitely stacked things in your favor to get into the military.

But the end of military bootcamp is just the beginning of becoming a soldier.

When you’re a soldier you are given many opportunities. You are also exposed to many environmental and occupational threats that the normal population will never face. For this reason you need to take your nutritional health more seriously than the “average” population. You also need to fortify all systems of your body, including your brain, to meet the demands of combat.