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Rock & Roll Summer


In high school, my brother and his buddies started a band.  Not only were they a crazy-​​talented bunch, they also had an uncanny ability to throw a concert together on a moment’s notice and fill the room with 300 or more avid fans.  Last summer, they got the band back together for a one-​​night-​​only concert on the lake.  It was a blast and we’re looking forward to an encore this year.  It proved to me that you can go back and relive experiences from your past.  With summer in full stride, maybe it’s time to shake up your fitness routine, rekindle some passions of your own and maybe even cultivate a few new ones.

Bridal Boot Camp

Bridal Boot Camp

Weddings this summer?

If you are having your dream wedding, in the bridal party, one of the parents, or just want to look and feel great on the dance floor, I have the workout for you.

My 30-​​minute Destination: Wedding Workout DVD moves include fun names and not-​​so-​​funny killer moves.

Plyometrics and multitasking muscle moves tone your body all over while the cardio intervals slim you down by getting rid of any fat covering up those chiseled areas.

Check out a free demo 5 minute demo I did for KnowMore​.TV  and kick-​​start your walk (or strut) down the aisle.

Fitness — fit it in this summer!

Training in the Heat of the Summer — Any Tips?

  • June 18, 2013
  • Air Force Fitness
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Training in the Heat of the Summer — Any Tips?

Training in the summer months takes some special consideration especially if you live in a hot and humid environment like the South,  East Coast and Midwest.  However, training in arid and hot environments like the Southwest and Western U.S. require the same considerations.  Dryer climates can actually be more dangerous as you do not sweat to stay cool  (it just evaporates almost instantly) — but you will notice salt stains on clothing just the same.

Here is a question from a trainer down in Charleston, who needed some ideas other than the typical “stay well hydrated, avoid the heat of the day, etc…”

One Mile Ocean Swims in Military Training

  • June 17, 2013
  • Military Workouts
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One Mile Ocean Swims in Military Training

There are many military training programs that you would assume you have to pass a mile swim as one of the regular fitness tests.  For instance, Navy SEALs, Air Force PJ, Navy Divers /​ EOD, Navy SWCC, Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, Navy SAR Swimmer, Marine RECON, Army Combat Divers, and I am sure there are others who have to endure the one or more mile swim test.  But a doctor recently asked about a one mile swim test he is training for when he goes to Navy Flight Surgeon school.  Guess what?  They have to pass a one mile swim test wearing their flight suit!  I guess you learn something everyday.

Here is his email:  Stew, I’m a family physician in the navy. I’m applying for the flight surgeon course and one of the requirements is a one mile swim test in flight suit.  I’m a decent swimmer but I don’t have a good plan to prep for this. Would you have any suggestions?

Skin Savvy

Swimming at Sunset

I was a very lucky kid growing up on a lake.  When my parents bought their lake home, they said “We aren’t buying a house, we’re investing in a way of life.”  There is nothing like lake-​​living.  My winters were spent skating, ice fishing and cross country skiing, and it was always a goal to have the first boat in the water in the spring and last out in the fall.  When summertime came along, my siblings and I spent countless hours in the water swimming, sailing, or just floating around.  That meant that we also spent a lot of time in the sun.  No matter where you live, chances are you’re going to be spending time in the sun this summer.  Before you hit the beach, lake, pond or pool, it’s time to get savvy about your skin.

NikkiFitness Faves: Summer Products

  • June 11, 2013
  • Fitness Equipment
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NikkiFitness Faves: Summer Products

Feel and look great this summer from what you eat, to how you sleep and what you wear with my new NikkiFitness Faves!


Gardein – Why spend an hour chopping and cooking when you can spend 30 minutes working out and 30 minutes showering and getting gorgeous for dinner? When I don’t have time for a workout and a home-​​cooked meal, I go for these great-​​tasting, meat-​​free protein options for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. If you are trying to limit your red meat consumption, and include more fat-​​belly fiber in veggies, try these quick meals. They are low-​​calorie too. Find them at a grocery store nearby by visiting www​.gardein​.com and putting your zip code into their handy store-​​locator.

Women’s Health Slimnastics Travel Workout

  • May 30, 2013
  • Spouse Fitness
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Women's Health Slimnastics Travel Workout

Summer can be a nice break from every-​​day life, but that also means traveling, which can hurt your workout. I recently did a sample routine for the June issue (on stands now, pg 72) of Women’s Health Magazine. It’s a “No-​​equipment-​​needed 15 Minute Body-​​Weight-​​Shape-​​Up” for when you are staying in a hotel, flying through airports, sitting in traffic, and trying to stay on track with your fitness routine this summer. Summer fitness is especially important with beach season and bathing suits that show so much skin!

Editor Caitlin Carlson wrote about my book and DVD called The Slimnastics Workout , “This equipment-​​free body-​​weight routine, created by Glor, combines plyometric and cardio moves (think jumping and kicking) with ones that improve your balance. You’ll burn calories while building strength, flexibility and stamina.”

Naval Academy Summer Seminar 2012

Naval Academy Summer Seminars

It has been a true honor to be a guest PT instructor at the Naval Academy Summer Seminars for the past 15 years.  This year the group of 800+ high school new seniors experience a week of Naval Academy life complete with PT, meals, boating, self defense classes, academic classes introduction, as well as meeting representatives of the many military career options they have upon graduation.

As the Tuesday AM 0530 guest PT instructor we hit it pretty hard.  Hard enough to challenge those who arrived is good physical condition and not too hard so that those deconditioned get injured.  So it is a fine line between too easy /​ too hard for the diverse group of high schoolers from all over the United States.

Fit Travel Workout Moves for Your Summer Travel

  • June 13, 2012
  • Military Workouts
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Summer Workouts
Don’t let excuses get in the way of your workout when traveling. I demonstrated some no-​​equipment-​​needed moves this week on Fox & Friends First. You don’t even need sneakers!
My Fit Travel Workout DVD was shot around the world, from China to Mexico, Italy to Chicago to prove that you can fit in a workout anywhere you go.

7 Summer Survival Products

Oakley Sunglasses


Oakley is combining the comfortable aspects of comfort and performance sports sunglasses with the chic look of designer glasses. You can save your eyes while jogging and still look hot too! They are lightweight, with special hidden padding and slip protection around the nose and ears. I like the overtime and urgency lines for women and the scalpel or blender for men. ($130) http://​www​.oakley​.com/​s​t​o​r​e​/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​s​/​w​o​m​e​n​/​s​u​n​g​l​a​s​s​e​s​/​a​c​t​ive

Summer Starting: Lose Weight All Day

  • May 23, 2012
  • Diet & Nutrition
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Weight Loss

Excited for kicking off summer but afraid all the holiday celebrations will add to that winter weight? I can help!

Here is a segment I did on Fox & Friends on how to lose weight all day by listening to your internal clock, sleeping well, scheduling the right exercise at the right time, and eating well.

Summer Mission: TANGO ALPHA

Special Operations

Teammates, got some good news for you: Summer is here! It’s time for Mission TANGO ALPHA (T=Take/A=Action). Now what are you going to do about it? Summer is always known for good times but it is also a Perfect time to reset and recharge your life. Every summer I focus on family, fun and my future…my personal future goals. The first two objectives are up to you, but I strongly suggest you weave in time for yourself and your future. No one else will look after yourself better than you…not to mention, you’re the only one who can make it happen. And to make your goals happen three things need to be in place:

Beach Body: Booty Camp

Beach Body Booty Camp

Now that summer is officially here, let these bikini clad ladies inspire you to get sweating in the sunshine with my Booty Camp moves that tone your entire body while focusing on the glutes and thighs. We celebrated the first full day of summer with Fox and Friends in NYC this week!

Get the perfect bikini body with this summer workout.

Treadmill Tricks

Treadmill Tricks

Sometimes summer is just to warm to workout outside, so instead of skipping it, sweat in the cold air inside on the treadmill!

Too boring, you say? I have the antidode: action on the machine.

Minutes 1–3 (Warm up) Walk at 1.5 incline and speed of 3.5

Minutes 3–6 (Steady state) Jog at same incline at speed of 6.

Minutes 5–15 (Intervals!) Run one minute at 7.5 fast interval, one minute at 5.5 recovery interval. Repeat several times.

Minutes 15–27 Toning — forward works glutes and calves, backward works quads! Set uphill incline at 15 (as high as it goes) and speed at 3. Walk forward for 2 minutes.

Get SpecOps Fit With Beach PT

Military Beach Workouts

If you like going to the beach during the summer, you may already have a routine you like to do. Many like to just walk the beach which is a great form of exercise. However, this article is for a few young people preparing to join the military special forces like Navy SEALs or SWCC, Air Force PJs, Marine RECON, as well as Search and Rescue Swimmers as well.

Here is the question from a future military man: 

Stew, I love the articles you pump out each week, I look around your archive and did not see anything about beach PT. I am getting ready to go to boot camp then to BUDS and will have access to a beach for the next six weeks. Any ideas for me?

What Did You Do on Summer Vacation?

  • August 28, 2009
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What Did You Do on Summer Vacation?

Q: What did you do on your Summer Vacation? A: Slimmed, Sculpted!

What did you do on your summer vacation? Did you sip pina coladas on the beach? Go fishing on a lake? Eat ice cream on a cruise?

Or did you take your workout with you?

It’s not too late to learn how to work out anywhere you go, without equipment, for the rest of the warm months. With Labor Day around the corner this is the perfect time to practice packing your fitness routine so you don’t put off your workouts until Thanksgiving and winter holidays!

Celebrate the FIT Way this 4th of July Holiday

Celebrate the FIT Way this 4th of July Holiday

The best way to make it through the holidays without overeating and drinking is to have a plan. Here are my 10 Fitness resolutions to make it through the July 4th holiday BBQs!

1. I will make dates to see my friends and family and do something that doesn’t involve eating and drinking. I will walk through the park, ice skate, cross country ski, walk the mall, take a yoga or cardio class, or run on a treadmill right next to my friend.

2. I will think of food as a fuel, not as a gift, which means passing on food that is high in fat and sugar, and taking HALF the portion everyone else heaps onto their plate.

3. If I have to be at a restaurant, I will identify the 3 healthiest things on the menu and pick between those. Cut and close the menu!