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Plyometrics and Vertical Jumps

Plyometrics became popular for Olympic-​​bound athletes. And many professional and elite athletes are familiar with workouts that include vertical jump training to improve their performance on the track or on the court. But you’re a soldier. Is it possible that plyometric training can provide some value for the military?

The short answer is yes. Let’s talk about what plyometrics is, and isn’t, and how you can use it to improve your performance on the battle field.

The Key to Avoiding Back Pain: It’s not What You Think

  • April 6, 2014
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They key to the best workout plan is balance. You need just the right amount of push and pull and you need to protect your back. Avoiding back pain while working out is all about balancing the muscle groups your strengthening and stretching, and how often you are rotating those exercises.

The goal is to keep the muscles that support your back strong and flexible. And while most of us work our core, we either do too many of one type of exercise and not enough of the other (causing an imbalance that leads to back pain), or we think we are working one muscle group when we are actually working another and thus NOT getting the results we really want.

The ABC’s of Getting Ripped

building muscle

Here’s a question: Is there a supplement you can take to get ripped and get better results from your workouts?

Anyone who has spent time researching fitness and athletic performance has heard about nutritional supplementation. By providing your body with additional amounts of certain natural nutrients you can promote performance, boost your immune system, and aid muscle recovery. This combo allows the body to function at a higher level. It also leads to improved workouts and muscle growth. However, it can be difficult to determine which supplements are effective. Here are some of the most popular supplements to get ripped.

Better Food: Better Performance (Yep…it can be that simple!)

  • February 12, 2014
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benefits of protein

Are you training for a military sport? Are you training so that you are ready for your next mission? Or are you traiing so that you can keep up with your kids once you get home?

It is important, both as an athlete and as a normal Joe or Jane looking for quality of life, to have a well-​​rounded diet that consists of a variety of healthy foods. And I’m saying healthy as in “real” food so you think that the variety pack of donuts counts as a well-​​rounded diet (even though most donuts are round)!

Think about it…you wouldn’t go putting lesser quality gas into a Ferrari, now would you? Here are some great foods that can be found in a healthy diet.

Can Vegan Bodybuilders Win Competitions?

benefit of a vegan diet

Are Vegan Bodybuilders at a disadvantage?

Many bodybuilders may avoid vegan diets because they believe that it will prevent them from winning any bodybuilding competitions. After all, how can you possibly compete against a bunch of meat-​​eating “meat heads?” However, vegan bodybuilders say that their vegetable-​​based diet actually enhances their training program because going vegan improves their overall health and decreases fatigue. This has all sorts of beneficial side affects when you’re training!

Building Muscle without Meat or Milk

  • February 9, 2014
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weight training

What’s up with a Vegan Bodybuilding Diet? Many people worldwide have a vegan diet. However, in other places (such as the States) becoming vegan is something new. It’s also something becoming more common, especially as specialty grocery stores pop up like Whole Foods. Even so, there are still lots of misconceptions about this diet and lifestyle.

Primarily…where’s the protein?

Myth: Vegan Diets Lack Muscle-​​Building Protein

  • February 2, 2014
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vegan bodybuilding

A common myth is that Vegans don’t get enough protein. For a bodybuilder and athlete, lack of protein could make all the difference in the world! So, does that mean that you have to resort to eating animal based products in order to achieve the results you want in Previewthe gym, on the sports field and even on the field of battle?

Not at all! The reality is that plant-​​based products possess an abundance of proteins. You just have to know which ones will give you the most bang for your buck.

Keep it Running: Nutrition Tips for Endurance

  • January 12, 2014
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nutrition for runners

What Do Runner’s Eat? Whether you’re new to running or a competitive marathon athlete; endurance –based exercises like running require you to pay attention to your extra nutritional needs. If you don’t, you’ll notice changes in your body structure that may not be what you hoped for (like getting way too thin) or even worse, you’ll experience a lack of energy after your workout.

Although running may not seem as physically intense as weightlifting or martial arts; runners of all levels need to be pay close attention to vitamins and minerals as well as caloric intake. Your quality of nutrition will ensure optimal performance and help you avoid over training.

Army Bootcamp: Training before the Training

  • January 10, 2014
  • Army Fitness
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military training

Training for Army Bootcamp requires mental preparation and physical preparation.

Even though most people don’t think about physical exercise providing any mental benefits…it does. Why? Because exercise allows you be physically prepared for your Army Bootcamp training. And, the more physically prepared you feel, the less mental stress you will experience. The less mental stress, the better you will be able to engage and focus in the “classroom” style learning as well as the “field” adaptations and problem solving you will encounter physically and mentally.

Hell Week Training: 3 Things to Remember!

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What’s Hell Week Training?

Five days and nights in maximum overdrive. It’s wet. It’s cold. It’s tough. And for most it’s their first real test of endurance. And, most don’t think they are ready. Or they do, until the boots hit the mud and a part of them just wants to cry to mama. Can you survive? Can you adapt? Can you reach the peak and push back against your minds natural resistance? Will you become a Marine?

The body has a way of adapting to physical stress but only when you give it what it requires to deal with that stress in the most healthy and positive way. You need the right food combinations and nutritional fortification. And that fortification of your body’s vital systems needs to begin long before Hell week. Long before the buzz cut. And long before your first inspection. That fortification, that Hell Week Training Diet needs to start the moment to get the urge to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

Eating on the Run: Diet for Marathon

  • January 6, 2014
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diet for marathon

Every year runners all over the country look forward to participating in Marine Marathon training with the hopes of crossing the line at our nation’s capital. This event, with it’s undertones for patriotism and celebration of America also does a great job of promoting physical fitness and highlighting the skills of the Corps. This marathon is the third largest in the country and usually attracts at least 30,000 athletes famous, infamous, and just hoping to cross the finish line before the sun rises on a new day!

What do you need, besides a pair of running shoes and little bit of determination to meet your goals?

Diet for marathon is a critical part of the training process. Food is the fuel that helps you build endurance and enhance your workouts. Consider some expert tips that will maximize your performance in October at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Insanity Workout Plan: Worth It? Or Just Insane?

  • January 4, 2014
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Dietary supplements

The makers of the Insanity workout plan claim that it’s the wildest and most intense workout that anyone ever saw. Coming hot on the heels of the P90X program, it ushers in a new era of workouts. Men and women who previously thought they could only get the ripped abs and great arms they wanted in a gym can now tone up at home. Beachbody states that anyone can get in shape using the workout plan, but not everyone has the same experience.

The Insanity workout comes with ten discs. One of those discs is a fitness test that users take before using any of the workout plans. According to the manufacturer, this test lets users see how strong they are in different areas, and they can compare their strength and fitness to how they feel after using the program. Even those who do well on the fitness test might still have problems with the workout plans.

What are the Top Supplements for Muscle Recovery?

  • January 3, 2014
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supplements for building muscle

Want to be the best? Then master the basics.

A strong foundation of nutrition and training is vital. Most of you already know that, right? But where people tend to mess up is what they do beyond the plate and beyond the gym. You also need muscle recovery. Hard training takes a heavy toll on the body, so we’re going to talk a little about rest, about real food, and about how you can use science to give you the edge for your training, results and overall performance.

Bone Health: Not Just a Girl Thing

  • December 18, 2013
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how to keep bones strong

Bone Health is Not Just a Girl Thing

Your bones are always rebuilding. That’s good news because at any stage of cell regeneration, what you eat, and dietary supplements you take (or don’t take) can affect the strength and integrity of your bones.

Military training and a military lifestyle has it’s own challenges and bone health can be one of them if you’re not aware of how what you do and what you eat affect your skeletal system. While an active lifestyle is generally healthy, it can work against you if you don’t get proper nutrition. And by nutrition I mean macronutrients (Carbs, Protein, and Fats) as well as the micronutrients (everything else).

Post Workout Muscle Building like the Champions

  • November 23, 2013
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Benefits of peanut butter

Walking through Whole Foods, what would you expect a Cross-​​Fit Champion would load up on?

Eggs? Wheaties? Raw Meat?

How about…Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milk?

Yep…turns out getting ripped and winning championships involves little nuts and big udders.

Libido Help On the Way: Benefits of Saw Palmetto!


What’s so Special about Saw Palmetto?

You may have heard about the benefits of Saw Palmetto, a plant native to the southeast. It’s nothing special to look at yet has a long history of medicinal uses which include preventing urinary disorders in men and boosting libido.

Native Americans are the first know users of this plant by including the nutrient rich berries in their diet. Men should consider using saw palmetto as a preventative measure for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), otherwise known as enlargement of the prostate gland.

Healthy Sport Diet for Military and More

  • November 9, 2013
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Want More from Your Workouts?

What you get out of your body and the level of your health and physical performance is directly related to what you put into your body. You can’t blame your mama or bad genes forever. Sooner or later you’ll realize that you and you alone are responsible for your health. Sure, your gene pool may “load the gun” so to speak, but your lifestyle choices pull the trigger.

You want better performance? Skip the junk food diet and opt for a healthy sports diet …even if you’re not an athlete! Why? Because in order to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs you have to do better than the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) . To get into shape and stay fit, you should analyze your diet plan—no matter what workout plans you are following. Maximize your performance and create an ideal muscular system using these helpful tips.

Top 5 Effects of Weight Training

  • November 8, 2013
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Add Some Weight to your Workout Plan

What does it mean to “Get Fit?”

Some people want to get fit so they can participate in an event like a triathlon. For others, they just want to be able to zip up their jeans or eliminate back fat. Still others are slaves to the bathroom scale and hope to see a number that hasn’t been around since high school. Whatever your goals the positive effects of weight training can help you get there.

Building Muscle: The GI – Muscle Connection

  • October 23, 2013
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How to build muscle

Building Muscle. The easy part is lifting weights. Find something heavy – either your own body weight, something man-​​made or nature-​​made – and apply resistance and repetition…consistently.

For the detail police, yes, I know there’s a little more to it than that such as technique and form…but not that much more!

The part that gets a little more involved is what to eat to build muscle. Knowing which foods will build muscle and which supplemental nutrients work best makes the difference between getting the physique and strength you want and getting an unwanted trophy of “Adult onset Diabetes”.

What REALLY Happens in Army Basic Training [Video]

military bootcamp training

Once you pass all your tests and have been accepted into the Army, there are some simple questions that will come up. Army Basic Training. Yes, it’s physical, but what else happens? In this video, soldiers answer your questions about Army Basic Training: